Tuesday, November 24, 2015

UPDATE: American Jets were flying out of Turkish airbase when shoot-down occurred

UPDATE: November 24, 2015 
- Russia deploys battleship carrying cruise missiles off Syrian Coast.  Vows to shoot down any threatening target against Russian jets...which will continue their mission against ISIS.
- I'm going to re-post the link to my October/2015 post "The Dogs of Aksakal" travel notes on my trip to Turkey late last summer.  I don't think any of my readers "got" that this story (although true) was also an allegory for what's going on in that part of the world.  The dogs represented as follows:
"Gray and Black" were the old (indigenous) inhabitants of the region--trying to preserve their territory
"the Young Turks"were ISIS and the foreign trouble-makers
"Brindle" was Russia.  Read in that light it might make more sense now.
Liar-in-Chief reflexively lies again
Excellent analysis by Joaquin Flores. Must read

Who is behind the race to WWIII?

INFOWARS has an update on the Turkish shoot-down of the Russian jet.  CBC has an interesting tidbit at the end of its report:

Turkey changed its rules of engagement a few years ago after Syria shot down a Turkish plane. According to the new rules, Turkey said it would consider all "elements" approaching from Syria an enemy threat and would act accordingly.
Following earlier accusations of Russian intrusion into Turkish airspace, the U.S. European Command on Nov. 6 deployed six U.S. Air Force F-15 fighters from their base in Britain to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey to help the NATO-member country secure its skies.
Sarah Lain, an analyst at the Royal United Services Institute, said the last time she could remember a NATO member country —the United States — shooting down a Russian/Soviet plane was the 1950s. "But the Soviets appear to have shot down more U.S. planes amid the Cold War," she added.

So...was it a Turkish plane that shot down the Russian jet?  Or, was it an American Air Force F-15 fighter? I read earlier that the Russian jet was shot down by an F-15.  It seems to me that the consumate diabolical liars, being out in full force and revved up to full throttle...are trying to provide information to their cohorts without making full admissions.  This is where reverse engineering the lies becomes all important.

Speaking frankly...I don't think that Turkey has the guts (not to mention the suicidal ideation) to shoot down a Russian jet.  I don't think you could give that kind of order to the Turkish frontline.  It has to be the usual suspects...just like the ones who shot down MH17 over Ukraine.  Some foreign military.... flying BY DECEPTION under the cover of a subservient vassal (NATO-occupied) state.

"A stab in the back by accomplices of ISIS" - Putin

Accomplices?  But who were they?  We know that the accomplices of ISIS include, in order of importance...The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar....and way down the road...Turkey.

Putin has to step back a bit and allow his superb Russian intelligence services to do their work.  If I were him...(lol!) I would just carry on the goal of destroying the ISIS vermin nests inside of Syria. Keep the spotlight on the mission and its overall success (did they really think the demons wouldn't retaliate???) and wait for the vermin to strike again.....before reacting.

NOTE:  Penny, from Penny for your thoughts blog seems to agree with the above thesis....i.e., that this was an attack by the US (NATO) on Russia.

Reading Putin's language below it is very, very clear to me that it was NATO occupied Turkey that shot down the Russian plane. Pay attention to Putin's words, he parsed each of them very, very carefully! Putin understands that NATO occupied Turkey shot down the Russian plane!


greencrow said...

The fact that Obomber defends Turkey (rather than remaining neutral) is, ipso facto, proof that the USrael was directly behind this false flag attack against Russia.

Penny said...

Hey GC, aargh! We've had such a dam busy today doing our home renos I couldn't get back to the news- so thanks for the link too and I'm going to start digging asap
Indeed if the peace president justified the attack then the peace president wanted the attack!

Penny said...

regarding the f15's
I covered that in a previous post- and it's interesting the title of the post was
What if Russia attacked Syria's Kurds on behalf of Assad?: Rudaw

I'm going to bump that post back up to the top, because very clearly the Russian jet was operating in the territory NATO is annexing from Syria for their Kurdish jihadis

"Ties nicely in with this news: US Moves f-15's to Syria

F-15Cs are armed with only air-to-air weaponry, making the plane unnecessary in operations against ISIS, which doesn't have a functioning air element. Instead, the jets could have one of two purposes in the region — they could either be used to help protect Turkey's border against periodic incursions by Syrian jets and helicopters.
Or, under certain circumstances, the F-15Cs could be used to help counter Russian activity over Syria. A hypothetical no-fly zone over northern Syria near the Turkish border, for instance, would have to be maintained using planes that could enforce the zone against both Russian and Syrian aircraft"

greencrow said...

Thanks for these comments, Penny. All valuable pieces to a very complicated puzzle.