Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Two Patsies---Then, and Now

"I am just a Patsy!"  PATSY #1

One of the things about patsies that distinguishes them from other actors on the geopolitical that after the incident where they are used as patsies...they are abandoned, disavowed and disowned. Their involvement is NEVER acknowledged...because then they wouldn't be patsies, Right?!

"The jet was in our airspace for 17 seconds!"  Erdogan and Obama PATSY #2

Note how, after the perps got their way and the deed was done...the patsies were left hanging out to dry...twisting in the wind.

Pity the Poor Patsy

From "The Ugly Truth" analysis linked above:
Such a strong signal [the US anonymously backed Russia's side of the crisis]could have been discretely and secretly communicated to Russia via secure diplomatic and intelligence channels, but the reason it was so publicly broadcast via Reuters, the global newswire service, is because the US also wants to send a signal to Turkey as well. Despite taking its side on the matter before the global eye, the US is also “stabbing its ally in the back”, to channel President Putin, by purposely leaking the information that the Russian jet was shot down over Syrian airspace. 

Quote from Penny for your thoughts blog:

 Obama said: "Turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its air space," adding he expected to speak to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in coming days.
What?! Obama has not even talked with Erdogan, the President of Turkey? But, will get to it in 'coming days'?- Guess he's too busy plotting with Hollande? Seems weird.

Here's another good analysis from The Winter Patriot...that says, ironically, Russia is the winner of this latest effort by the US to foment war in Europe/the Middle East.


Penny said...

Hey GC

I've been saying it for more then a year now- Turkey is being destroyed by NATO
NATO is done with that nation state- Kurdistan will be NATO's new southern front- I have written and written about this and received a ton of ridicule/abuse- but then, that's how truth goes right?

And I'm in the process of working on an extensive post on this very subject
today, one I started last week, but never got to
Here's hoping I finish it

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, check out the links in these two posts about Turkey/Erdogan and you might find some interesting analyses for your work. NATO does have Turkey in the crosshairs. I look forward to reading your post on this topic.