Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Russia Responds to False Flag Act of War

UPDATE: November 24, 2015 Crucial background reading...Turkey hid under the NATO umbrella.

...this analysis from the above link made my skin crawl....when I read that one of the major accomplishments resulting from this attack....could be a declaration of war between Turkey and Russia...so that Turkey could close the entrance to the Black Sea via the Bosporus and, dispense with the Montreaux agreement preventing non regional forces from staying in those waters...as is currently the case. Turkey could then prevent Russia from utilizing this important transportation artery and allow NATO to move its forces in right next to Sevastopol.

Russia Responds to False Flag Act of War

In my opinion...this moment in history on this planet is equal to this one:

Pilate washing his hands

The fact that Obama came out in support of the Turkish Act of War--instead of remaining neutral--is proof positive of USrael's culpability. Obama washed his hands of the cause of maintaining peace on this planet.

Russian jet shoot-down...What they're NOT telling you...and Syrian Girl Updates:



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