Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Regime Change Urgently Needed

Regime Change Urgently Needed

The only solution to the current crisis regarding the Turkish shoot-down of the Russian war plane over Syria is the removal from power of Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  This man is corrupt to the core.  His son, Bilal Erdogan, is the "bidnessman" who is profiting from the theft/smuggling of Syrian Oil by way of tanker truck to Turkey.  From there, the profits are dispersed and divided up between all the cabal of USrael.  It was the Russian destruction of the oil tankers that led directly to the shoot-down.  

This nest of thieves and looters has to be cleaned out. According to the interview with Russian First Minister Lavrov below,--the thieving includes not only oil but ancient artifacts and body organs of murdered Syrians.  Well, we can guess where the organ trafficking is going...there's only one entity that deals in that ghoulish trade...the little borderless entity.  Erdogan is a bandit and he needs to leave the international stage.

There is no alternative.  Erdogan must step down.  I can't see Putin and Erdogan ever sharing the same oxygen in a room together.  Erdogan and his corrupt mafia must go...and he should take care that the door doesn't hit his rear on the way out!

Lavrov confirms attack on Russian warplane appears to be "pre-planned provocation"
But...but...but....didn't Turkey have to ask permission of the US military first...before it was allowed to fire weaponry from its "US built warplane"?

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