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UPDATED: False Flag Friday in France

UPDATED: November 18, 2015 I linked to a video of the Bataclan massacre below as evidence that violence had taken other words...the False Flag was not a hoax.  Now I'm not so sure as a researcher has turned up a very strange anomaly...linked HERE.

November 14, 2015:  

Yes, my dear...why OF COURSE there was a drill going on....what did you expect???  see bottom for details.  And you can't expect us to waste a good diversion/distraction, now can you?!

- I'm going to update this post continually throughout the day as I come across new information and will organize the new material under the headings already established.

False Flag....Who Did It?!

BREAKING NEWS:  Penny for your Thoughts has a good post about the possible motivation behind the France False Flag...dragging NATO into Syria...and usurping the leadership role that the Russians currently have.  I would add to hers another element...keeping Canada in its role as a participant in the "bombing of terrorists" that has been led by the US...with little results.  Newly elected and still wet behind the ears Justin Trudeau promised during the election campaign that he would take Canada out of this unpopular mission.  I know Canada is a small (some would say miniscule) player in these geopolitical high stakes poker games...but Canada does set an example...based on a more glorious past...and so if Canada were able to would further damage the image of the collective that the cabal has formed to topple Assad.  Ergo, what's a little False Flag in the aid of preventing this humiliation...amongst many other objectives, eh?

Oh, and as a further support to the NATO theory....Aangirfan is reporting that some high level NATO generals had a meeting in France recently:

On 6 October 2015 there was a high level meeting of NATO generals at Lille near Paris.
NATO - News
On 29 October 2015, The CIA director, John O. Brennan, met with his counterpart, French intelligence (DGSE) director Bernard Bajolet and with former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror.

High speed train derails in France, killing five.  Train plunged off track into water by Strasbourg...near the German border...bring in the NATO troops! Now back to....  NOTE: RT is saying this was a true "accident" due to excessive speed.  Again, they can determine one incident was an accident and the other was a terror crime--and name the quickly it can make your head spin.

Thanks goes out to jo6pac --who contributed this valuable link - an analysis by Paris resident Pepe Escobar. Escobar hesitates at this time to call the massacre a False Flag. Yet he points out without elaboration the glaring anomaly of highly trained, highly equipped killers. Where did they get their training?  Where did they get their equipment?  BTW, please jump in with any comments and/or links.  What we'll end up with hopefully at the end of the day...or days...will be a running resource on this incident that can be archived and accessed later. has an open thread on the Paris incident.  Here's a comment by a person who is currently living in France:

I’m leaving to Thailand in 15 days to establish a voluntarist village, maybe I won’t come back to France if the escalation continues, they are all calling for war against Assad on TV

My gawd...what was it Putin said recently?  "....they have mush for brains".  Must be an epidemic!

 Bashar al Assad on the Paris massacre - "France is not yet serious about fighting terrorism".

I guess this interview is why the French are so angry with Assad. He is saying they "didn't learn" from the Charlie Hebdo episode. Assad blames the terrorism on the West exploiting a fundamental and combustible "faultline" in Syrian society....Sunni and Shia? Makes sense to me.  Incidentally, I can see why the Syrians like this man so much.  He seems like a rare politician with the courage to stand his ground in the best interests of his people.  I am, however, aware there has been a lot of corruption in Syria...with torture renditions going there...see Mahar Arar for details.  

Regular report:

I always say...most of these episodes happen on Fridays...Why? Because that's a big media day. People will be off work and will be able to watch TV 24/7 throughout the weekend.


DAHBOO777 Video Report
Things are moving so fast on this episode in Paris that it's hard to keep up! Thanks to my excellent Blogroll to the right...I have a great tool to access the latest developments--as viewed through our alternative lens. Here is Aletho suggesting that this False Flag may be used as a tool for NATO to attack Syria DIRECTLY (not as it's doing means of a proxy merc army--ISIS).

French President Hollande says the attacks were an Act of War by ISIS.  Which begs the question...Who is ISIS?    It has become non-controversial in the alternate media that ISIS was created by Israel and the Pentagon to topple Dr. Bashar al Assad...the duly elected (in an internationally supervised election) legitimate leader of Syria.  So, if Hollande is saying that ISIS was behind the attacks....then my first hunch was correct. The attacks were a false flag committed on the French people by USrael. Hollande just admitted as much. Is he a party to the False Flag?  Many "leaders" these days are.

France: nearly 150 dead in attacks in Paris.  Irish Times reports 127 killed and more than 200 injured

The balance of attacks that targeted several points in Greater Paris is one of the worst ever recorded in the contemporary history of France. Our sources suggest nearly 150 killed, including nearly a hundred at the Bataclan, where there was a hostage by two members of the commando. The taking of hostages at the Bataclan was a diversionary tactic to cover the withdrawal of the bulk of the assailants. Should we speak of a fiasco? It seems so.After the shock, we can be sure that the French will judge the management of this disaster. Normally, heads should fall.

Normally, I wait till the event is over before commenting...but this is so blatant...and so desperate...bloggers like Michael Rivero are calling it a False Flag in Real time. I think that may be a first.

Who's to blame?

Lemme see...who is most desperate...who's currently losing the war on Syria and who does Putin have on the ropes? Hmmmmmm....What major regional stakeholder is NOT attending the Syrian Peace Talks scheduled for tomorrow in Vienna? Nobody has ever explained why not.  Hey!  Why NOT invite the fox to a meeting to discuss an ongoing massacre in the chicken coop?!


What is the long range strategy of this FF? IMO....Getting NATO to occupy France and Europe....these European countries can't "afford" to be sovereign anymore.  Here's Saker saying that Hollande just declared the attack being an "Act of War" which means he can call on NATO to come in and help.

I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say that it's to cover up and/or divert public attention from something maybe (as an example) an announcement about who took down the Russian Passenger Jet. Watch for what else is going on and NOT being covered.


This is the likely motivation for the Friday France False Flag. Putin has accepted an invitation to speak at the "Climate change" convention scheduled to be held in Paris beginning November 30th.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Putin has accepted an invitation to attend the conference in Paris. He will be among the speakers on the conference’s first day, along with U.S. President Barack Obama and the leaders of India and China.
The Kremlin hasn’t confirmed Putin’s participation at the so-called COP 21 talks, which aim to reach the most ambitious accord to date limiting emissions that cause global warming.
Organizers expect at least 40,000 people in addition to thousands of activists from environmental, human rights and other groups to attend the Nov. 30-Dec. 11 conference.

It is problematic now whether this opportunity for people to get together in a peaceful way to discuss world issues will even happen. Qui Bono? Hollande will not be attending the G20 in Turkey. They don't want these gatherings anymore--because it gives legitimacy to Putin as a statesman...they want him to be an Unperson in an Un-nation.  NOTE:  Fortruss just reported that high on the agenda of the upcoming G20 meeting in Turkey was a "serious discussion" by world leaders---of who was financially sponsoring the terrorist group ISIS.  The plot thickens. The perps don't want to sit around a table while Putin shares Russian intelligence with them and points a finger at who exactly is funding ISIS and all the details....who would?!

The Media Response

Paul Craig Roberts discusses how, as per usual, the M$M is in lockstep support of the "official story" which is invariably set in stone within hours, if not minutes, of the attack. Think. What would happen if one...just one...main$tream media talking head said something like:
"It's too early to say who did this.  We need an investigation.  We've been constantly told by about 37% of the western population that sometimes governments can attack their own people in something they call "False Flags".  37% of the western population believes that 9/11 was a False Flag.  Maybe we should wait and not rush to judgment,"

All hell would break loose. The mainstream media would immediately attack the journalist on a personal basis and s/he would be fired. They would accuse the journalist of being "disrespectful to the victims. That's what would happen. That's one of the reasons, IMO, that there are false drill the message. To make sure that everyone's on script....except, of course, the alternative media...who are thus, by their opposition to the lockstep...identified, outed and isolated.

Oh, and PCR decries the Russian and Iranian news media for following along in the lockstep. What else can they dooooo? They know the cabal's just itching and looking for an excuse to kick them out of the West. They need to pass the drill too, dont'cha know?

Another anomaly - no physical evidence in photos that anything violent took place at all!

In spite of many reports saying there is mass carnage and 'bodies everywhere" and in spite of cameras (live) everywhere on all the news channels.  I have not seen one body yet.  Not that I am wanting to see bodies...but it kind of reminds me of Sandy Hook in that regard.  Reports of mass killings...but a sanitized crime scene.  UPDATE:  Here is some graphic footage so it was not a hoax...but that does not mean it wasn't a False Flag.  It could have been a combination of a "live" event and several "virtual" events.

Here is a series of photos from the Ottawa Citizen...looks like actors in some of the shots...sorry...but can't help but note...we've been through this so many times...check out the photos yourself.

All the attackers have been killed before justice could take its course

Checking the news for updates over the past few minutes (9:20 p.m. pacific time) I see that 
".....Officials said eight of the attackers were killed, including three of them who blew themselves up.
A total of eight assailants were also killed in the attacks, most of them by detonating their explosive belts. No group has claimed responsibility for the horrific attacks, yet...

Kind of weird that they had the time to kill over 80 people one by one yet there was no time to catch any of them alive.  No prisoners....means no links to groups, no trial, no nothing...yet it happens over and over and over again,

Here's another report from RT:
  • Seven of the eight died after they detonated suicide belts and one was shot by police, the source said.
Very convenient.

Planted evidence

RT is reporting that a number of bodies of the killers were found with passports dropped nearby...wasn't this "dropping passports" at the crime scene one of the red flags of 9/11???

Only one more item on the False Flag check list has to be determined.  Brandon Turbeville also addresses it here....

Was there a drill going on?

If there was a drill going on...say for the big Climate Change conference that's coming up in Paris...well then I guess we can just close the investigative book on this one.  Close the book? Well, you don't think the Main$tream media (or the police) are going to be looking any closer into these anomalies than I have you????

Yes, my dear...why OF COURSE there was a drill going on....what did you expect???

Patrick Pelloux, EMT and chronicler at Charlie Hebdo, explains on France Info radio that Paris EMTs were prepared because, "as luck would have it", they'd planned an exercise to train for multi-site attacks on the morning of Nov 13,2015


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