Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fly on the Wall Reporting from Turkey

Obama and Putin couldn't find a park met in Lobby of Turkish Hotel

Pesky, the fly, my little reporter colleague, flew into Antalya, Turkey, to cover the G20.  He made it to the hotel just in time to sit on the wall and cover the crucial, unscheduled and impromptu meeting between the two world leaders...Obama of the US and Putin of Russia.

Fortunately, my little fly friend is bilingual and speaks perfect English and Russian (well, actually, he does have a slight "fly" accent).  Here's his report of the dialogue between the two leaders:

Obama:  "We have to make this quick...if Bibi saw me here talking to you...there would be a False Flag in Washington before you could say "Jack Robinson" or, how does the expression go in Russia? "Sergey Federov"?

Putin:  "We need to come up with a unified position on get rid of the terrorists once and for all.  What do you suggest?"

Obama:  "I suggest we bomb the bejesus out of them....just don't hurt the ones we created, trained and equipped."

Putin:  "Sure...just tell me who those are and it's hands off!"

Obama:  "Okay, I'll get a list from Bibi...he keeps track."

Putin:  "Your cell phone is ringing Barack...don't you think you should answer it?"

Obama:  "Never mind, it's either Bibi telling me it's "times up" ...and he needs to talk to me right away...or it's, I mean Michelle.

At this point...Pesky's attention faltered and he flew away....enticed by the sugar around the rim of one of the cocktails being served by a waiter....

Over and out.


Penny said...

cute and I love it
not much coming out of g 20 yet...
I'll check back if you catch anything of interest
thanks GC

greencrow said...

Pesky is at your service if you ever want him to report on something. He does have a very short attention span, however.