Monday, October 26, 2015

UPDATED: Who Belled the Cat?

UPDATED:  November 9, 2015 Here's another article that claims Syria may already be a Russian controlled "no fly" zone.

UPDATED:  October 28, 2015 Here's a report about Russia setting up a "true no fly zone" over Syria....what I said....

Who Belled the Cat?

Some commentators are saying that there's been a "sea change" in the geopolitical world ever since Russia started to fight the US/Israel/Saudi mercenary proxy terrorist army (ISIS) in Syria. Not only has the legitimate political leadership in Syria been slowly gaining in strength and reclamation of stolen territory and resources...but there's been a lessening of bullying and bellicosity in the Middle East in general.

Even the United States has stepped it up a notch in ability to stand up to "Wag the Dog' Israel, by cutting off aid in an effort to force Israel to stop slaughtering Palestinians....NOT!  Sorry, I misspoke myself earlier and have added this correction:....The US was GOING to cut aid to Israel back in February....but instead has increased it.  But the US has been more outspoken to Israel lately about their relentless slaughter of Palestinians.*

Kerry and Abbas offer up a moment of silence in
 honour the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian men,
women and children slaughtered in the streets of Gaza
 and the West Bank (and while asleep in their beds)
over the past 70 years

Why has Kerry and the US suddenly grown an, albeit weak and wobbly, spine when it comes to Israel?  Could it be that the rule of international law has suddenly reared its head in the the form of Russia using its superior military power to push the aggressors back into their corner? Could it be that Putin has pulled back the Oz-ian curtain to reveal who's actually behind it? i.e., creators/funders of the terrorists who chop off peoples' heads...all the while they're siphoning off their oil (and selling it to the terminally corrupt Turkey)?

I can just imagine the conversation that Putin must have had with Netanyahu a month or so ago. Putin must have started off the conversation with his usual unflappable diplomatic pleasantries...then something like this:

" know we've been working very hard on some defense-oriented weaponry. Well, we've come up with something rather intriguing.  As a military man, you'll be very interested in this news: Russia has now developed the capability of placing an electronic protective "dome" over the airspace of any given geographic area....a country perhaps. Let's just use Syria as an example. Well, frankly, we've already done this. I just wanted to let you know, for your own good of course. We wouldn't want an unfortunate accident to occur. Russia has now placed a dome over Syrian airspace and, should one of your planes venture into Syrian territory say, for example, the southern territory of Syria, which you've long been illegally flying over at will...well, now there could be an "accident" where your plane suddenly drops out of the skies...totally disabled. We wouldn't want that to happen, would we? We've already told our friends and partners in the United States about this...and that's why they've moved their aircraft carrier out of the Region...."

 Map of Syria and Israel

The quieting effect that has recently become evident in the Middle East "war (on behalf of) terror" has been remarkable. Unfortunately, the cabal's inability to support its' proxy terrorists with escalated aggression...has likely been the cause of a recent uptick in aggression against the poor Palestinians. Abusers who are frustrated out in the greater world...usually go home and beat their wives...kind of thing.

And there's been a lot of gnashing of teeth going on back in Washington, US military/industrial thimpk tanks. Let's just say, in summary, that the cat has, temporarily at least, been belled. Who belled the cat? You might well ask!

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jo6pac said...

"Even the United States has stepped it up a notch in ability to stand up to "Wag the Dog' Israel, by cutting off aid in an effort to force Israel to stop slaughtering Palestinians."

This wrong the link says aid was cut off to the Palestinians and not israel. I read somewhere lately aid to israel bumped up another billion.

Just saying

greencrow said...

Hi jo6pac. Thanks for your correction. I have ammended my post accordingly. I did read recently and have linked... where Kerry has been more pro-active on behalf of Palestinians, however.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow.... be careful, for this may not be as it appears.... I do smell a rat and from what I see, Russia may be part of the game....

Look at the article and my rant.... I would not jump on the Russian bandwagon just yet.

greencrow said...


Two chess players are always part of the same game. Putin has made a career...and rose to the top of the heap for one reason. He is a man of his word. He plays by the rules. His enemies (and they are many) have always tried to fine at least one incident of corruption in his past. The most they can come up with is "He wears expensive watches". Thanks, and I will re-read your RANT, however.


greencrow said...

NTS says:

"One thing that has bugged me about the Syrian situation and Putin is of course his constant meetings with Israeli representatives that we have seen in Moscow over the last few weeks as well as his direct meetings with that nut job, Netanyahu, last month... Few details have come out about what resulted in those consultations, and many have said that Putin told Netanyahu to basically "take a hike".. But to me if these talks were about coordination in terms of Syria and what Russia was to do with their involvement in striking "ISIS" then some must again wonder exactly what Russia's true intentions are pertaining to their involvement in Syria?...As my article last week stated, are we being played as fools as part of a sick twisted game?..."


This paragraph copied from your RANT, NTS, actually supports my contention that Putin must have warned Netanyahu that he's been militarily checkmated in Syria. Why else would Israel have backed off Syria and re-focused on just beating the hell out of the imprisoned Palestinians?

There was a report just today that Russia wants to "help Syria re-build its infrastructure". I thought that was rather interesting. Back in the early days of the invasion and destruction of Iraq by the US...there was some talk about how the destruction of the Iraqi electrical grid was a "good thing" because then the US would then rebuild it according to US standards...which, as you know, is 110 voltage, incompatible with European and the Middle East, which is 220. Silly me, I sometimes think the whole US mucking around in the Middle East is so the electrical grids can be switched over to the American voltage system. Now, if Russia were to re-build the Syrian grid...would it be using the European voltage system?

Yes, deep reasons for this chaos are complicated...and no doubt fall into the grey zone. BUT, NTS...I do believe the Russian naval base at TARTUS, Syria is pretty black and white...and safe to say the real primary reason for Russian involvement. Conversely, the encirclement of Russia by destroying all Russian-friendly nations in the region is, ipso facto, the primary motivation of the USrael cabal.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks Crow... Yes, you're right about Israel having to "back off" in terms of their involvement in Syria (as it appears) and has turned around and started beating down the Palestinians again....

But we have to be careful here.. Again, Russia may be part of the game, and there may be a hidden agenda under all this as part of that game.... It would not surprise me....

We must also be alerted to how the Americans and Israelis are indeed now rearming their ISIS forces with antitank TOW2 missiles and anti-aircraft Stinger missiles....This proxy war could go hot very soon....

greencrow said...

Yes, NTS as I said in my post, this back off is "temporary". We all know that the cabal believes it has "all the time in the world" ....and is neverending and relentless in its evil machinations on this planet.