Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just One of Life's Little Mysteries

              The missing shipping container was found on Saturday on a road in a suburb just off the northeast tip of the island of Montreal.

Silver heist mystery continues after empty shipping container found

16 tonnes of silver still missing after Wednesday's [Sept.2/15] brazen theft from Port of Montreal

A shipping container stolen from Montreal's port this week may have been found in Repentigny, Que. — but the $10 million in silver inside of it at the time of the heist is nowhere to be found.
The Maersk container lifted from the port was found on Saturday afternoon on St-Paul Street in Repentigny, a small city just off the northeast tip of the island of Montreal.
It appears to have been detached from the semi-trailer — also stolen — that was carrying it, and left on the side of a residential street.
The brazen heist began on Wednesday, when one or more individuals stole a semi-trailer from Montreal's west end, drove it to the Port of Montreal, loaded a shipping container carrying 16 tonnes of silver onto it and then took off.
Police are still looking for the truck, a white 1997 Freightliner with the licence plate L548854.


Well...we can guess who stole the silver...that's not a problem. The real mystery...and CBC doesn't even ask the WHO OWNS THE SILVER?!!!

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