Thursday, September 3, 2015

UPDATED: Beyond Disgust - Deep State Strategy Behind Mass Migration

UPDATE: September 11, 2015 - Beyond Disgust is even more relevant as the headline to this a survivor witness (who lost two children) has is revealed that the father of the little boy on the beach in Turkey was involved in human smuggling, captained the boat that flipped in the waters and was speeding at the time of the accident.

UPDATE: September 7, 2015 - here is the definitive analysis of the Atlantist machinations behind the European refugee crisis - The phoney « refugee crisis » by Thierry Meyssan

UPDATE:  September 4, 2015  This story is moving and morphing so quickly it's difficult to keep up. Canadian compatriot bloggers Penny for your Thoughts and Northerntruthseeker both have good posts expanding on background events.  Here's the lying BBC reporting on a surge of migrants on the march....and the EU countries that are resisting taking them in (Who's covering the crowd costs to march?)  There are two sides lining up...the social engineering globalists vs the "Nations" clinging to their sovereign right to define their population/culture. has posted a "Must Read" article called "mass-migration-madness"...which posits a shocking and disgusting "deep state" strategy behind the throngs of refugees currently pouring into Europe.  Here are a few nuggets:

False Flag Alert

 Mass Migration Madness

....the smuggler networks are being “influenced by western intelligence” (in Korybko’s delicate phrasing) and are being led to believe that the longer route from northern Greece through the Balkans to Budapest is the one most certain of success. (It is also possible the refugees’ travel is being financed and directed by an oil-rich ISIS at the U.S.’s behest.)
The truth is that the longer route leaves EU and Nato member Bulgaria and key U.S. ally Albania relatively undisturbed while delivering a mighty blow to those nations (and, in the case of Macedonia and Serbia, largely Orthodox populations) which have either declined to participate in or have criticized sanctions (Catholic Hungary) against Russia, and all of which hope to participate in Russia’s Balkan Stream gas pipeline project.
Once the American misadventure in Ukraine turned sticky and was understood to have failed to bait Russia into invading, the U.S. instigated ‘Plan C’ (Migrant Madness,) which followed the earlier failure of ‘Plan B,’ which was to instigate a color revolution in Macedonia.
Americans are generally unaware of those May events in Macedonia because the country successfully deflected the murderous assault of terrorist thugs for whom the ground was being prepared by Zoran Zaev, an agent of the U.S. and George Soros via an outfit named Canvas, the commercial heir to the Optor project whose deceptive actions succeeded in destabilizing Serbia with a color revolution some fifteen years ago.
The set-up is truly diabolical. Macedonia, a nation of only slightly more than 2 million which enjoys a significant and largely peaceful Muslim minority population and which is bordered on the north by Albanian-controlled Kosovo, is at risk of partition by both Albania and Bulgaria, both of which would very much like to enlarge their own territories at the expense of Macedonia’s existence. If Macedonian Muslims can be made restive, partition is a possibility.
We now know, courtesy of former DIA Chief Michael Flynn, that the rise of ISIS was foretold in a widely circulated 2012 Memo the White House made “a willful decision” to ignore. The brutal ISIS is in fact a U.S.-manufactured military asset meant to distract a gullible American population and whose inherent violence can be directed to realize U.S. foreign policy goals of destabilization of the Middle East, North Africa, and now Southeastern Europe, as needed....
.... That it is only the Balkan nations and Russia which are keenly aware of U.S. plans is a tragedy an irresponsible and compromised Western media has advanced. To appreciate just how unprepared Europe is for the facts, a Russian Insider article from yesterday reporting on prominent German pundits’ call for more bombs and more intervention in the Middle East in order to “solve” the refugee crisis reveals the sad truth of Europe’s ongoing suicide at the behest of their American overlord.

Those interested in examining the entrails or underbelly of globalist neocon geopolitics would do well to read the entire article.  I just posted two snippets...not wanting to be accused of plagiarism : ). The entire article is a bombshell. 


rubbell said...

The oily corporations operating in Alberta are done pumping and now they dump their stupid day labour. Sure hope they give immigrant friendly Toronto and Vancouver a chance. We would enjoy more of their company here in Edmonton but it is too cold for comfort here.

greencrow said...

Hi rubbell:

No matter which host country is affected, we have to stop thinking of this mass migration as "normal". We can see from the article I posted that it is specifically designed to cause instability and wars. Also, it is the age-old uprooting of indigenous peoples off their land...which is then exploited and stolen.

It has to stop!