Monday, September 7, 2015

Another voice of concern about possible September crisis

Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina is fearful of an assassination
attempt on Pope Francis when he visits America this month

I found this video on Fig Trees and Vineyards blog and believe it's a very good assessment of the extreme risks the world is facing this month due to a "Perfect Storm" convergence of events and issues. I have already published three previous posts on this "Perfect Storm".

Mr. Salbuchi feels that it might be Pope Francis who is targeted. The Pope will be in Washington and New York in mid September. Perhaps. But I believe both Vladimir Putin (who will also be in NYC at the UN in mid September) and Donald Trump are also prime targets. Nobody wants this kind of sick caper to happen. It is only by speaking out about the threat...that perhaps the perps can be scared off. That's why Mr. Salbuchi has asked that this video be spread as widely as possible. As someone who lived through the deep state sponsored assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King and others...I feel compelled to speak out, in an effort to prevent the horrors of another assassination....and the ramping up of terror and oppression that will inevitably follow.

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