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UPDATED: WDBJ Shooting is Another Media Drill...and they're all marching lock$tep

UPDATED: August 30, 2015 Iran's PressTV unexpectedly veers off script and interviews American Investigative Researcher Dan Hennen...who says shockingly....that some of the recent gun killings have been "staged" to slowly erode gun rights.

Media all in lockstep reporting on this "shot full of holes" Incident

The day of the Roanoke shooting, I watched the "selfie" video that Bryce Williams took as posted on LiveLeak.  I could see right away that this "shooting" was a hoax, as anyone with normal intelligence would be able to conclude. It is one more in the interminable series of "Who are you going to believe, the official story? Or, your own lying eyes." cases.

Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story

Scott Creighton has a very good summation of the facts and "evidence" on his blog. One of the biggest "tells" is the hyping that the mainstream media is giving the story...complete with tearful crisis actors and "photograph books' of a secret love relationship.  Tugs at the heartstrings, don't it?

The CBC is joining in the meme-building that "Social Media" is where to get your "news". Headlines say that this is "the first story covered by social media, facebook and Twitter."  Qui bono? The Western media is full of lies.  Here is a different story that died on the vine, as they say.  RT was being tempted with the "bait" of a false story about Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.  Western populations are being barraged with fake news stories..."baffle 'em with bullshit" as the old saying goes is the motto of contemporary "news" media.

Back to the latest false flag hoax...So I went to Jim Stone's blog and Jim Stone saw the planted and deliberate holes in the story right away:
Mexican coverage of shooting gives me a few questions
They did a huge segment on this in the Mexican press, and used MY twitter captures off this very page and probably the video I posted. :-)
The reporter, Alison, thought it was a real shooting, she was not told it was blanks. So her reaction was real, but absolutely nothing happened. There is no way she would not have been knocked off her high heels, there was no body shudder when the bullets supposedly hit, no impact stutter in her voice as she screamed through two gun shots, no camera jerk from gun kick as the shooter fires and she runs away on high heels at full speed in perfect condition with no marks visible anywhere, on either side of her body while the shooter supposedly turns on the camera man.
I NEED AN EXPLANATION: The Mexican press clearly showed from all angles the type of camera the news reporter cameraman had. It was a modern high def 1080P broadcast camera in the $12,000 USD price range. IF THIS BE THE CASE, I'D LIKE AN EXPLANATION FOR WHY, EVEN ON THE MEXICAN TELEVISION, THE VIDEO SHOWN FROM THAT HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA WAS HIGHLY COMPRESSED 320x240 VIDEO with poor contrast and no clarity whatsoever. I thought the horrible resolution was from the web.
Now that I know that horrible resolution was intentional I don't buy any of it anymore, the Mexican press would have had better if it was available, and I have the explanation for why it is not available: Because the managers of this psy op have only provided horrible video quality to obscure the truth. If they showed all of this in the true high def that great camera no doubt captured it all with, it would be OBVIOUS no real bullets were fired.
After the segment on this shooting, they went into a huge extended segment on gun control, saying America needs a full gun ban to stop this type of thing from happening. THERE IS MOTIVE 1.
MOTIVE 2: To provide chaff in the press while Hillary's espionage of 18,000 plus top secret documents gets run through the think tanks and polls to find out exactly how the lies have to be spun to not only save her, but to not spark outrage when they make her President. She's not finished, COUNT ON IT, they are going to psy op whitewash her espionage and turn it into a napkin drop over tea and crumpets. Usurpation of America's power structure by the one world elites will take care of any legal actions against her.

Northern Truth Seeker and others are reporting about the reporters from the BBC not being allowed to show video of shooter's "crash".  Hey, folks...the police "forced" the BBC reporters to destroy evidence--their footage of the killer's car crash!  I have to confess that sometimes I'm tempted to skip commenting on these serial "lone nut" gunman murders in the US because they're all the same and it's redundant to play "wack-a-mole" with them. But, I will comment on this one--in order to make the same points that I've made in the past.  Here are all the telltale "coincidences" that indicate these incidents are black ops terror activities, linked to the corrupt mainstream media and its black ops connections with the Military-Industrial Complex Ziofascist Tyranny that is ruling the West .  Any wonder there are "trillions" missing from the Pentagon Budget????:

Points that prove this is an organized terrorist activity:

- each black ops terror activity maintains the primacy of the big liars--like Faux and BBC...they lead the way...choose the memes, photos, buzzwords...all the other networks follow in lockstep;

- each black ops terror activity escalates the drama--making the hoaxes more and more outrageous and unbelievable--as "bait" to suck in the foreign/alternative mainstream media like RT and Press TV. If these competing media were to diverge from the "official story"--the "government" would then have a cause to kick them out of the West. Using their "press credentials" as blackmail--to force these networks to lie. Once they've lied..then they're compromised;

- each black ops terror activity acts as a temporary diversion to other things they want to keep low profile--like Hilary's sputtering campaign;

- each black ops terror activity is an opportunity to keep eroding gun rights and the gun lobby in the US;

- each black ops terror activity promotes their new and preferred method of reporting the news---superficial "Twitter" and "Social media" as respectable news sources in the mainstream media...while isolating, ignoring (and eventually outlawing) the "dangerous" emerging blogosphere and alternative press.

- each black ops terror activity provides work for "black ops industry" contractors who hire, train and employ crisis actors, their handlers and the blackops media...providing regular "drills" in preparation for the "big one";

- each black ops terror activity allows them to surveil  truthers and bloggers' reaction to the false flag/ find out who's in on the "game" and work on limiting their impact.

We were warned several years ago that the Ziofascist military/industrial tyranny that rules the West was planning to come down on truthers and bloggers. Why, then are we unable to recognize their methodology when it's right in front of us? All the old tactics--minimizing and isolating...divide and conquering the alternative media with "media drills" (false flags and false flag hoaxes) and purges.

What's urgently needed is a professional crime investigator who is an expert in geographic, psychological and serial crime profiling to gather all these dozens of "lone nut gunman" incidents and analyse them, logging all the similarities and differences. Most of all...we need to get a courageous truth mole employed by one of the criminal-infested media outlets to come clean---and bring the whole rotten, putrid and murderous house of cards cra$hing down.

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