Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Satanic Forces trying to prevent Putin from speaking at UN next month

Russia's right to Speak at UN being attacked by stealth

Well, folks it wasn't 24 hours since the announcement that Putin plans to address the UN General Assembly next month in New York City, when the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) fired its first defensive volley of lies--in order to prevent Putin from coming to the US and speaking directly to Americans and the world.

The BBC (and all the other lying, lockstep, corporati$t media) have printed the outrageous lie that Russian military bomb parts were found in the MH17 wreckage. Most informed citizens know what many witnesses in Ukraine have described--that the MH17 passenger jet was shot down by one of two Kiev Junta fighter jets that were tailing it. Yet, as I have reported earlier, the uninformed sheeple have been brainwashed very successfully by the we$tern media into thinking Russia did it. The question of Why Russia would do such a thing--so contrary to its national interests--doesn't even enter their tiny, nano-sized, shrunken pea brains.

This BIG lie is being intensely promulgated at this time solely for the purpose of chasing Putin away from the UN. The satanists do NOT want him to come to their sulfurous home turf...to speak to the ignorant masses and perhaps enlighten them.* The gauntlet has been thrown down. We will now wait and see whether Russia and Putin will take the bait and cancel the speech at the UN...or...as I predict...come anyway and enter the den of iniquity... "This can NOT happen! You Hear?!!!" (the Satanists).


*More importantly, they do not want it to become obvious (by public reaction) how popular Putin is--in comparison with Obama.  


rubbell said...

I am so glad to have seen St. Petersburg and then really got into reading Russian history. There are good reasons to believe Putin is a man of destiny and so anything he does will reverberate through whatever is left to the history of mankind. It has got to the point where he does personify Christian Orthodoxy.

greencrow said...

Yes, I agree rubbell. What courage does it take for Putin to risk his personal safety to go to that sulfurous chamber (a trip that that ended up killing Chavez)...to speak to poor, benighted humanity?!