Monday, August 10, 2015

Beware the Sulfur! Ghost of Chavez warns Putin re September UN speech

The Sulfurous UN in NYC

Stephen Lendman is reporting on his blog that both Obama and Putin have agreed to address the UN General Assembly next month (September, 2015).  Deceased former President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is turning in his grave and wanting, I am sure, to warn Putin not to tread on those unhallowed grounds.

Watch this video of Chavez speaking....that I am unable to upload directly onto my blog.  In it, he warns then newly elected Obama about the dangers that await him if he tries to act "like Kennedy". Well, we all know what happened...Obama, rather than following Kennedy's lead, turned out to be the quintessential puppet for the satanic bankster, globalist cabal. Shortly after his shockingly candid UN appearance, Chavez came down with a 'fast acting cancer" that ultimately took his life.

Now, we have Putin going to the UN "chamber of sulfur"...again speaking right after the US President. I don't have a good feeling about this...but then, nobody can say that Chavez didn't warn them.

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