Saturday, July 25, 2015

Something's Gonna Give!

Donald Trump with family

Folks, I have an uneasy feeling about how quickly things are moving and morphing in the US Republican presidential campaign.  Prior to the last day or so, I was thoroughly enjoying how Trump was injecting a fresh, if reckless, authenticity into the choreographed duet between the corporatist media and chosen puppet candidates.

Suddenly, things started going sideways.  Trump's rising poll numbers astonished and then infuriated the PTB. Trump's always bellicose behaviour became even more so. He's started to (gasp!) diss the reporters on the campaign trail. He started publicly calling them out on their lies, bias, propaganda and cabalist agenda. While Trump's in your face bluntness is annoying the PTB, more seriously, his poll numbers are intolerable for them. 

Some news outlets are demanding that he drop out of the campaign. Media networks are saying they will refuse to cover his campaign. Others, that they will prevent him from participating in the debates. There is no way someone like Trump, who obviously cannot be "controlled" will be allowed to go before the electorate. Why, if elected, he might even bring the perps of 9/11 to justice...or something equally unthinkable. After all...HIS hands aren't bloody. The longer they let it go...the harder it will be to get back on the rails and pretend this outrageous outburst didn't happen.  "Something" is going to happen very soon to "correct" the situation.

How do we know this? Past history is an excellent predictor of future events.  The last time a candidate rose so quickly in popularity with such a radical (anti-corporatist) agenda was Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential campaign.  He was well ahead in the polls but then suddenly dropped out of the race. Perot re-entered a few weeks later but, by then, had lost momentum, support and credibility. Why? He said there was a "vague" threat against his family...involving a "top Republican official" and the "CIA". Well, I'm sure it wasn't vague,  I'm sure it was clear as the air is--well, after a heavy rainfall.

There are five possibilities for what is going to happen to Trump in the next while...ranged from one (most likely) to five in order of likelihood:

1.  Trump will suddenly resign--no reason given or, citing some kind of threat;

2. A hideous revelation/scandal will force a sudden resignation;

4.  An accident...typically an airplane crash e.g., Paul Wellstone;

5.  A "lone nut" assassin (probably a Mexican immigrant).

You know, in this case...I really hope I am wrong. It would be wonderful, beyond my wildest dreams, if Trump were allowed to run as the Republican candidate in the next American election. But I don't think so.

Jane Morgan sings this oldie....brought to mind by the 
first real rainfall today in 6 weeks on the (again) Wet Coast

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