Thursday, July 2, 2015

MH17 - The Big Western Lie--that keeps flying around the world

MH17 Wreakage

The other day I met with someone that I know and trust. We talked about quite a few things.  Eventually, our conversation strayed over to an area that we seldom geopolitics.  Believe it or not, I rarely discuss geopolitics with my friends and family...for obvious reasons.  My views are so "out there" that I've learned that most people cannot "handle the truth" and so don't go there.

But during my conversation with 'T" we roamed around the current happenings and ended up on the topic of MH17.  To my shock and horror...T was convinced that Russia shot down MH17 with a BUK missile.  I literally had one of those "palm to forehead" moments.  I could not believe that T could be so dis-informed.  I started to sputter..."But no...what about the two following Ukraine military jets?...One of them shot the plane out of the sky to blame Russia.  Why would Russia do such a thing?"  All to no avail.  T had been "gotten to" by the mainstream media and could not be convinced otherwise.  T just smiled condescendingly at how misinformed I was.

Later on, I sent T some links....and T sent me some links (referencing the official story from Reuters)...I e-mailed back and told T that Reuters was just like CNN...which we both had agreed was bogus.

So, in conclusion.  It was very depressing to realize that lies are still so easily accepted by ordinary citizens in the west...even after ALL the lies told by the mainstream media...9/11, etc.  No wonder Russia is starting to ramp up its demands to have a proper investigation of the MH17 atrocity.  No doubt they have realized how successful the West was in selling the MH17 lie.  It will take a gargantuan effort by Russia to turn the Titanic MH17 lie around.  But I highly recommend they do whatever it takes.

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