Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gulf Island Reflections...

Ganges artwork - acrylic and pen on wood by S. Pendergast
15 cm x 15 cm
I call this "An Old Married Couple depicted as flowers"

Just a brief check-in, in the middle of some summer days off. Returned from a sailing trip to the Gulf Islands located in the Georgia Strait, off the BC West Coast last night. Visited Snug Cove on Bowen island, then Silva Bay on Gabriola Island, then Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island and then finally Sidney Bay Marina on Vancouver Island. A high tide brought us back to the Vancouver lower mainland yesterday evening after a near record 10 straight hours of sailing.

The artwork above, I purchased, along with a few other treasures in the Art Gallery set up in an old church in downtown Ganges on Salt Spring Island.  Ganges has been an artists' colony since the 60's. I love going there.  All forms of island-made arts and crafts are supplied to many galleries in the picturesque, hippie-syle harbour-front.

During the week away, I read a very good "couldn't put it down" book by Vincent Cronin about Catherine the Great titled"Catherine, Empress of all the Russias":

Cover from Catherine, Empress of all the Russias
 by Victor Cronin

The secret of Catherine's success was her prodigious work habits--inherited from her German antecedents. She would sit down at her desk at 7 a.m. with just a cup of black coffee and work until 5 p.m.  Catherine was a voracious reader and writer and brought the Renaissance to Russia, albiet a few centuries late. The main point about history gleaned from this book is that Catherine was fighting the same "illuminati/satanists/masons" that are threatening the world today. Masons were behind the French revolution, Napoleonic war, Crimea war and other 'divide and conquer" wars of the 1700's. Catherine, herself, had eyes on foreign conquests and particularly wanted Greece. Everything is Déjà vu when you look at what is going on today. Humanity just keeps repeating the old patterns over and over.

Speaking of Greece...there were several twists and turns in the contemporary "tragedy" during my time away from the blog. It's been one cliff-hanger after another. Greek leader Tsipras goes from being "a jack to a king' and then back again every 48 hours. My gut feeling is Greece is trying to prove to all its creditors that it has "tried every avenue" to stay in the EU before ultimately leaving. It's just too expensive to stay in the EU...many smaller nations simply cannot afford it.  Of course the banksters set it up that way, so they could rape and loot after the inevitable default and bankruptcy of the states. But Greece is too old of a culture to give up without a fight.  In Catherine's day, virtually the same scenario played itself out...and Greece remained independent.

The other big news event is the nuclear treaty between Iran and the P5+1. This is a positive development that I attribute to the genius of Vladimir Putin. As usual, he remains in the background and does not get the credit...but in the very early stages...it was his idea and his baby. Reading the book about Catherine the Great gave me a lot of ideas and motivation to complete my essay on Putin that I want to combine with some unpublished photos of our trip to Russia a year ago this month. Putin must have schooled himself on Catherine's ideas and plans for Russia...that's all I can say.

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