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CawRANT Events #9

UPDATE;  July 20, 2015 - Have to add this update.  Just watched a TV news report about the recent exchange of embassies between the US and Cuba. The Cuban Ambassador said the return to Cuba of the illegally taken land at Guantanamo was a priority for the process to keep moving forward.  Kerry, for his part, said that the US would still be putting pressure on the Cubans about "human rights concerns". Guantanamo?  Human rights concerns? lolololololololol.  You can't make this stuff up, folks!

Caw RANT Events #9

Oh, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!  An unprecedented heat wave, combined with only one day of rain in the past 7 weeks...has left the BC forests on life support. Even if we get some rain, as predicted, by Friday a great percentage of BC forests will not recover from the stress this "Level 4" drought has caused. Time for a RANT! I will begin with some good news. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is breaking the set, literally, of his screen persona and coming out in favour of the environment, ALS and First Nations rights.  

Leonardo DiCaprio working for the environment and ALS

I like that DiCaprio has spent some of his largess and time on bringing public attention to First Nations issues, ALS and environmental issues of the Canadian north. I might just take in one of his next long as it isn't too jam-packed with illuminati lies and symbols!

Greece has been in the crosshairs over the past month. Prime Minister Tsipras has fallen from grace like Icarus, the Greek god who flew too close to the allowing himself to be blackmailed and then banishing his ministers who opposed the financial capitulation to the "Troika" set on looting Greece. Paul Craig Roberts has reported Greek pensioners will henceforward be forced to live on $94 dollars per month. "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" author, John Perkins is saying what happened in Greece is a quintessential corporatist economic "hit". I still insist this tragedy has not yet fully played out. Greece is an ancient culture and will not lie down so compliantly as will, say, a South American Dole Banana Republic. What it does illustrate is that you simply can't trust politicians...but then again...we already knew that.

The absolute refusal of Kiev and the NATO countries to tell the truth about MH17 and give closure to the families of the victims proceeds apace. They simply do not care about justice or the legal process ("We don't need no stinkin' badges!). I tend to agree with Northern Truth Seeker's theory about what actually happened. I don't have a problem with any of what he surmises. Only the Russians are eager to even talk about it anymore. The West has it's selective amnesia going on. But even the Russians, curiously, don't ask some crucial questions...such as: Whatever happened to "Carlos" the Spanish ATC in the Kiev control tower when MH17 was shot down?  Russia won't make waves if it doesn't have to...thinking they might morph into a tsunami. The Spanish twitter account owner, Carlos, IMO, was a legitimate person who "Tweeted" about the downing of MH17 before it was publicly reported. Curiously, even Global Research de-legitimized him. Then he disappeared. So, when an event, or evidence thereof, goes down the rabbit hole with the unanimous approval of both East and does make one wonder.

Here's another issue that both the east and west are fudging modification and persistent contrails. In the video linked in this paragraph...a California activist, a middle-aged woman, is interviewed about the evidence of persistent contrails (she refuses to call them "chemtrails") that she's amassed over the past several decades. While there is some new and essential information in her interview, the video badly needs a good editor. Significantly, she speaks about some of the health risks attributed to the haze that covers the sky for days on end when persistent contrails are sprayed (by military planes--as she says). She speaks about rickets and high blood pressure as two health risks. IMO, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the risks of this diabolical so-called "research".

I have always enjoyed following the US presidential elections. Like kabuki theatre...or synchronized swimming, it is interesting to follow the intricate patterns and movements between the politicans, their handlers and the whore US main$tream media--as they whirl and twirl, flap their arms and kick their feet. Here's a current report:  Trump leads Republican presidential race:

The reaction to Trump’s comments has been instructive. NBC and Univision dropped his Miss USA and Miss Universe contests.Macy’s has dropped the Trump clothing line. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is talking of terminating city contracts with Trump.The reaction of Trump’s Republican rivals has been even more instructive. Initially, it was muted. But when major media began to demand that GOP candidates either denounce Trump or come under suspicion for racism themselves, the panic and pile-on began."

Yes, the longer Trump leads the Republican race...the more frenetic will be the undulations of the corporatist "owners" of the American political system. The a$$ignment of the media is to get rid of all "real" candidates.  So they've already began the brainwashing of the insouciant (I like Paul Craig Robert's favourite description of the American mindset) public with inserts like this. Or the fake "alternative" media with reports like this. I'm going to declare my support (and as a Canadian this support means about as much as Canadian sovereignty) for Donald Trump as future president of the United States.  Like or hate his politics...having an authentic person in the race is a wonderful treat. Watching the corporatist owners of the US political system writhe and twitch--in their furious efforts to de-legitimize and then eliminate him--is worth the price of admission (almost).

On a more serious note. Evidence is in that Monsanto's 'Round-up' agricultural pest control damages Human DNA. Monsanto has apparently known this all along.  How come Monsanto isn't getting its pants sued off? Could it be that Monsanto ('My Satan') is right up there with the untouchable corporatist "owners" of the american political system?  And the other news in this arena is that GMO soy is full of cancerous formaldehyde. Luckily, community and backyard (and front yard) gardens are becoming a very popular trend. People need to know where their food is coming from. Only a massive movement in this direction will wake up the Satanic agri-overlords.

And, finally a couple of last minute notes.  Here is Why I NEVER watch US mainstream media new$:
Stretching out the US July 4, 2015 fear/terror meme

Nobody believes FAUX news anymore. Here is a video about the recent alleged Chattenooga mass murder False Flag Hoax--which shows evidence that it did not happen as CNN and FAUX reported it. Kwick! was there a "drill" going on at the time?

You don't know who (if anyone) to believe anymore. There was a recent story coming out of Dawson Creek in northern Canada about a police shooting  of a man who happened to be wearing one of those "Anonymous" masks.  I'm going on the record to say that I don't trust the "activist group" "Anonymous".  Firstly, it appears to endorse non-peaceful dissent. More importantly, its "anonymous" nature leaves it wide open to infiltration and manipulation.  It's, IMO, just another "Soros-style" device to de-legitimize public protests and demonstrations.

Well, that's it for this RANT...until the next time...

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