Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kerry being sidlined...or?

US Secretary of State John Kerry

In an earlier post, when I was talking about how everyone with any power in the western world (other than possibly Putin) is being blackmailed by the same globalist, cabalistic black hand...I cited the recent conundrum of Victoria Nuland directly contradicting her boss, John Kerry, over Ukraine...and Kerry not firing her for insubordination.  Some others have been pondering this dichotomy as well.

Blogger Eric Zuesse also noted the incident and is saying that Kerry has reached a moment of truth in his position as Secretary of State of the US. (NOTE: whenever I refer to "truth" and the US government in the same tongue is firmly in my cheek).  That being's what Zuesse has to say about Kerry and Nuland:

"...Right now, the Minsk II ceasefire has broken down and there are accusations on both sides that the other is to blame. What cannot be denied is that at least three times, on April 30th, then on May 11th, and then on June 5th, Poroshenko has repeatedly promised to invade Crimea, which wasn’t even mentioned in the Minsk II agreement; and that he was also promising to re-invade Donbass, something that is explicitly prohibited in this agreement. Furthermore, America’s President, Barack Obama, did not fire Kerry’s subordinate, Nuland, for her contradicting her boss on this important matter.How will that be taken in European capitals? Kerry was reaffirming the position of Merkel and Hollande, the key shapers of the Minsk II agreement; and Nuland was nullifying them. Obama now has sided with Nuland on this; it’s a slap in the face to the EU: Poroshenko can continue ignoring Kerry and can blatantly ignore the Minsk II agreement; and Obama tacitly sides with Poroshenko and Nuland, against Kerry. The personalities here are important: On 4 February 2014, in the very same phone-conversation with Geoffrey Pyatt, America’s Ambassador in Ukraine, in which Nuland had instructed Pyatt to get “Yats” Yatsenyuk appointed to lead Ukraine after the coup (which then occured 18 days later), she also famously said “F—k  the EU!” Obama is now seconding that statement of hers.In effect, Obama is telling the EU that they can get anything they want signed, but that he would still move forward with his own policy, regardless of whether or not they like it..."
I would like to throw another completely different scenario into the mix.  Sorcha Fal posted some explosive news about Kerry earlier in the week which went completely unreported in the main or alternative media. Of course, no one takes what Sorcha Fal says seriously.  I, however, read her work regularly, and enjoy it on many levels...creative writing, attention to detail (lots of links and insider buzzwords) a smattering of of all...sheer chutzpah!

Sorcha Fal has been saying that there was a very serious assassination attempt on Kerry last week while he attended a secret meeting with some proxy militia members in Europe. Kerry was shot at least once, lost a lot of blood, was airlifted to France and then to the US, where Obama has visited him in hospital. Of course...this is all a lot of rubbish....except....but...well....  Has anyone seen Kerry at all in the last week?

One way or the other, at this stage...Kerry is a big geopolitical question mark.

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