Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UPDATED: 2018 World Soccer Cup in Russia???

UPDATE: May 28, 2015 - Further update on this breaking story.  Putin comments on US efforts to force FIFA president to resign...and to steal the World Championship Football (aka Soccer in the US) games from Russia!

UPDATE: May 27, 2015 - this story has some interesting twists and turns.  Here blogger Richard Edmondson reports on the threat Israel faces re expulsion from FIFA (for violence against Palestinian footballers) and the theory that the US's is making a pre-emptive strike against FIFA on Israel's behalf.  

Russia awarded 2018 World Football (Soccer in the US) Championship

I've had this post in a holding pattern in my "Drafts" for some months now.... but today's the day I bring it out.  Today's the day the US Department of "Justice" has reported on its investigation (just think of the benefits if the Justice Dept had applied its skills and energy to investigating the "put options"/"short selling" on 9/11) into alleged FIFA corruption over awarding 2018 Championship games to Russia. The other shoe has dropped. The first shoe dropped the moment Russia was awarded the games. The PTB were doubt some bureaucratic heads rolled due to their failed effort to rig the FIFA vote to deny Russia the games.You see...Russia having any big international event is verboten. It goes against the very fiber of elite Atlanticist thinking.  Their modus operendi is: First, you deny the target state's very existence as a separate entity...Then, you attack and destroy. Giving Russia the games is anathema to this essential doctrine. The powers that be simply cannot allow the games to take place in Russia....and you gotta know these guys will NEVER give up their efforts to scuttle the games.

Remember when Russia had the Olympics in Moscow in 1980? The US came up with a flimsy excuse why the entire western part of the world needed to boycott the event (How about Russia's military involvement in Afghanistan at the time?).  Remember when Russia had the Olympics in Sochi and, when denigrating them didn't work...the US/Israel/NATO used the event to blindside Putin with a fascist coup right on his doorstep, in Ukraine? Well...things have got a lot more tense since then. The stakes are much higher and the effort to scuttle the 2018 games will be fierce. Don't rule out a false flag or some other such desperate and/or violent behaviour. They simply cannot allow Russia to be regarded as an independent and sovereign nation, capable of hosting an international event. It would be tantamount to allowing Canada to vote against nuclear non-proliferation at the UN...and you know how impossible that would be!

"Poroshenko calls on West to boycott the 2018 games"

It will be interesting to see how this geostrategic war of the worlds will play out. The US is up against a formidable wall of resistance. Cancel the 2018 FIFA world championship of football? Well....that ain't gonna happen.  I think the US/Israel just doesn't understand how much football (Soccer in North America) trumps politics in Europe. The European public would have their leaders' heads on a platter if the games didn't go ahead.  Russia knows doubt Putin is laughing up his sleeve at the contortions the West is going through to scuttle the games.  Here is the report that has US Senator McCain writing a letter to FIFA to cancel the Russian games over Ukraine.

The aspect of this tragi-comedy that frustrates the West more than anything is that, even if the US and its vassal states (including Canada) pull out of the games on some pretext or another...which they will inevitably will make no difference at all to the success of the games. The US is a non-entity when it comes to is Canada. Nobody cares if they go or not.

No...the US/Israel has to be a dog in the manger...lie down in the straw to prevent the cows from enjoying the feast. It has to...and that's just the way it is.  Stay tuned.

Dog in the Manger

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