Monday, April 20, 2015

10 Happy things about living in Vancouver

Vancouver Skyline

The CBC has posted a survey of Canadians that shows that Vancouverites rank last in personal satisfaction--compared with other Canadian cities.  I have my own theory about why that happened (check #2 below) but beg to differ.  In fact, I have assembled below my own list of reasons why Vancouverites are the some of the luckiest and happiest of all Canadians.  Here's that list.

10.  It's not Toronto!

9.  We get all kinds of weather from snow to sub-tropical...but mainly rain.

8.  The wild life gets up close and personal.  You actually get to know individual birds, and other critters.

7.  Where else can you buy a home for $100,000 and 28 years later it's worth over $700,000---and you haven't even renovated!

6.  You are only a couple of hours drive away from powder mountain snow and/or white sand beaches.

5.  Diversity.  You go to any mall and see people from every part of the globe...going about their business and usually every one is getting along just fine.

4.  Local parks and wild spaces (trails alongside salmon streams) within walking distances from your home.  Get to know your local birds, squirrels, ducks, raccoon's, coyotes and bears!  Yes.  I once went to a home in my neighbourhood and came face to face with a bear as I was walking up to the door.  We both made hasty retreats.

3.  Gardening is BIG.  In my own back yard--which is a little larger than a postage stamp...I have three fruit trees (plum, apple and pear) a grape vine, 4 blueberry bushes, a veggie garden...and a couple of flower gardens.

2.  The Vancouver Canucks!  Hockey is the number # pre-occupation in Vancouver and, as the logo says "We are ALL Canucks!"  I have my team jersey and put it on to watch the games.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs are on now...and the mood of the city rises and falls with the success [or not] of the Canucks.  I think the survey linked to above...charting level of satisfaction in Vancouver... must have been taken after a Canucks loss!

And, the number one thing I like best about Vancouver is.......

1.  The mountains.  They keep us oriented and grounded...we always know where we are by checking our location vis a vis the mountains....they change every season, every day and even every hour.... according to the light and the weather.  They define our city and they define us.

Bo Horvat of the Vancouver Canucks
 20 year old Rookie sensation

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