Friday, March 27, 2015

Putin is Proposing Superhighway from London through Russia to New York

Video Report on Putin's Idea for a Pan Global Highway

Vladimir Putin is now proposing that a super highway be built all the way from London, England across Europe and Russia to Alaska and down through Canada to New York City. What an exciting project for the world!

I would suggest that if such a highway were should be called Putin Pax in Terra (Peace on Earth) Highway. Too bad Harper didn't attend Putin's Council on the Arctic Convention last Summer...he might have heard about such exciting plans for Canada's North--and the world. Such a project would potentially benefit Canada more than any other participant.  One side benefit would be to offer jobs and a future to the indigenous people of Canada's North, particularly the young people who are currently in crisis.... literally dying of boredom, isolation and hopelessness.

But don't expect any positive feedback from PM Stephen Harper on this great idea. He`s likely the force behind the organized and concentrated major troll effort against Putin  that has been unleashed on the Canadian main$tream media--particularly the Canadian taxpayer funded CBC.

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