Saturday, March 28, 2015

Germanwings: Were Hollande and Merkel B!tch$l@ped by Ziofascist Cabal? UPDATED

UPDATE: MARCH 29, 2015 - Surfing through alternate media coverage of A320 this morning I found a Russian video of the sound in A320 just before the crash. [note the recovered audio from Germanwings Flight 9525 clearly shows the opposite of what the Western propaganda media have been reporting in that the “screams of passengers” are heard first, then they go silent and the noise that follows is of “crunching metal”, cockpit alarms, and indecipherable radio chatter before all goes silent…all indications, experts in this report point out, that this airliner suffered a catastrophic failure killing all passengers and crews first, after which the airliner exploding in air…and as the debris field proves it did]. Also found more bloggers who have determined that Germanwings A320 was yet another false flag ATROCITY COMMITTED BY THE SAME CRIMINAL GANG. Determining factor as noted below is the FDR memory chip that mysteriously disappeared.

Germany's Merkel and France's Hollande at the Alps Crash Site of Germanwings A320

The day before yesterday, CNN treated us to an hour of Merkel, Rajoy and Hollande united in photo-op sorry, grief. The big-hair anchor-lady noted with counterfeit sincerity that it was “truly good of these three leaders to come personally to the scene”. It takes a special kind of cynicism or naivety to come up with a line like that.
The Slog. 

Not even a week after the crash and already the official story on the Germanwings crash is cast in "official version" cement.  The co-pilot went bonkers and crashed the plane into the side of a mountain in the Alps.  No doubt about it...after all... the BBC has told us so.

And who could doubt the BBC?

Sadly, even most of the alternate media is joining in the "message drill" this time.  All Except for a few holdouts...Sorcha Fal, The Slog.....and the greencrow.  I totally doubt the official version... not only because it is almost word for word the same tried and true "lone nut" version we have been snookered with ever since the murders of the Kennedy brothers etc., etc., etc.  I doubt the official version because: 1)  the [memory chip from the] flight data recorder in the second black box mysteriously disappeared; and 2) it ignores the conclusion I get from reverse engineering of the episode.  The taking of the finished and published results of the false flag...and working backwards towards the truth.  In this case...we have the finished product shown at the top of this post...the iconic photo of Merkel and Holland, sad, humiliated, and impotent on the windswept mountainside. 

IMO, the entire episode was engineered and staged to punish Merkel and Holland for what Victoria Nuland raged was their "Moscow bullshit"...their negotiating a Ukraine peace treaty with arch "enemy du jour", Vladimir Putin.  The ziofascist globalist cabal was infuriated by what they regard as the betrayal of the two vassal states--Germany and France.  It was just a matter of time before the miscreants were (sorry for the vulgar language but it is the only way to put it) B!tch$l@ped.  This term originally is used to describe the beating that a pimp gives his prostitute for misbehaviour and being uppity.  He slaps her around and usually leaves some bruises...which she then has to carry into her a sign she has misbehaved and has had to be brought into line.

My first awakening to the concept of geopolitical bitchslapping occured as a result of my country, Canada, being bitchslapped by the US Bush government in Afghanistan.  I have discussed it in previous posts.  It happened the night of April 16/17 what was called the Tarnak Farm Incident.  You can read about it in the link, but briefly...the US sent some reserve F-16's to shoot up the Canadian soldiers just outside of the floodlite Kandahar airbase (in restricted airspace) as the soldiers were performing nighttime live fire military exercises. Four Canadian soldiers were killed and several injured. Canada (led at the time by Prime Minister Jean Chretien) had been very reluctant to join the Afghanistan war. At the very moment the soldiers were killed....the US ambassador was hosting the Canadian political elite at the US embassy in Ottawa... and they were toasting to their mutual co-operation over the years (a nice sardonic touch). So, I'm very sensitive to the notion of political geostrategic bitchslapping--and can smell it a continent away. was but ONE of the reasons for the take down of the German plane. There were no doubt a myriad of other purposes as well...not the least being the need to continually "drill the message".

"Drilling the Message".  This is a term I have coined to describe the media frenzy that invariably follows a false flag hoax or catastrophic event.  In my opinion, these mass media "drills" are one of the hidden purposes behind most, if not all False Flags.  The main$tream media de rigueur lockstep reaction to the event comprises a "drill" to see what mainstream media outlets are "on message" and what ones may have been "infiltrated with truth moles" and may not be under their control. Those who fail the drill can then be rooted out prior to the next "drill" and certainly before the "Big Event"...which is the game changing False Flag the perps are always working towards.

Ironically, the US and Russia just announced they would continue their co-operation over the International Space Station.  Wonder how that fits in with the cabal's project to destroy Russia. Hmmmmm...I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

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