Monday, February 2, 2015

Justice Unexpectedly Breaks Out in Canadian Courtroom

Man Bites Dog News

Watch this video:

I am unable to upload it directly onto my blog.  Blogger Bill Still reports on a court case in Toronto, Canada....where in a landmark decision....the little guys took on the Federal Bank of Canada and won.  The Federal Bank of Canada can no longer ape the US Federal Reserve and issue debt-based fiat has to abide by its original charter.  This was an Appeal Court decision and the only recourse for the Federal Bank is to appeal again--to the Supreme Court of Canada.  Any Supreme Court of Canada case would get widespread publicity.

Man bites dog story?  You Bet!

The lawyer who took on the case says the real crime is the total media blackout in Canada.  He says his sources tell him that the Canadian Government ordered the press not to report on the story.  Of course, there's a total media blackout in the Main$tream media.  The evil ones know that as long as THEY don't report something didn't happen!

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