Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rich Men's Tricks, Or, The Devil Made Them Do It! A Video Documentary Review

The Devil, as Pictured in Rich Men's Tricks

Recently, I spent over three hours watching the video linked below:

Aangirfan  posted it on his blog and notes:  "Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick, by Francis Richard Conolly, explains in great detail how we are conned by the rich elite.

The video covers 9 11, the Bush Family, the Woolwich attack, Gladio, the JFK assassination, Hitler, the Nazis, Islam, the World Wars, the Mafia, the CIA, the Robber Barons, the Rothschilds and much more.

There is a huge amount of detail on JFK.

The video explains how the elite supply both sides in wars."


Here is my review of the video:

First of all Francis Conolly is an excellent narrator.  His light Irish trill draws you gently into the heavy material.  Over three hours....I never got tired of hearing him speak.  He starts off by going back to the mid 1800's, to describe how the European Rothchilds got their foot in the door of the American banking system... by sending JP Morgan over with a fistful of dollars.  Although Morgan became a fabulously wealthy "Robber Baron", he never actually owned more than 16% of the JP Morgan Bank. Rothchild owned the rest.  Conolly never says "which" Rothchild own the majority share...or goes into much detail about someone(s) who should be the focus of the piece--the man/men at the top.  That was my first hint that this documentary video has an agenda.

“History is written by the winners.”Napoléon Bonaparte

The above quote came to mind, as I became more aware of Conelly's point of view.  I would amend Napoleon's observation to read: "History is constantly being tweaked by the winners."  Conelly is constantly "tweaking" the well known history of the past 100+ years.  He chooses to emphasize that WWII was financed on both sides by the banksters. But what he adds is that the reason they financed the war was in the hope that Germany could destroy the emerging (communist) Russia.  In the new globalist dynamic of the demonization of timely that the goal of "destruction of Russia" is brought back to the fore.

Conelly describes how, in the early years of the 1900, a highly decorated American war hero, General Smedley Butler, foiled a coup of the banker conspiracists--who wanted Butler to lead 500,000 men in a revolution to replace the democratically-elected leaders of the United States.  At the last moment...Butler disclosed the conspiracy to President Roosevelt who does....wait for it....absolutely nothing.  Perhaps Americans should take from this non response that the Bankers' "revolution" had already been won.

While Conelly includes religion among the evil organizations that manipulate mankind, oddly enough, he presents the devil (as pictured above) as one of the forces that drives the evildoers.  He accuses the Devil himself of driving these men to do such evil things. This summoning of the devil seems to contradict his previous dismissal of the authenticity/value of religion and the supernatural.  God does not exist...but the devil does???!

There is quite a bit of time spent on the German concentration camps of WWII...but again history is tweaked by Conelly' referring to the camps as American-financed "Slave Labour Camps". No regurgitation of the "ovens" is made, except oblique reference to American-made Zyclon Gas and the 6 million dead. American and European businessmen, including the Duke of Windsor, are accused of profiting off slave labour.  The slaves were apparently building armaments for the war effort. How they could be doing that in such crowded and deplorable conditions...when genocide was going not explained.

Conelly segues forward to the post war period and describes how the bankster cabal chose their presidential candidate, the devious "Tricky" Richard Nixon, through an ad in the newspaper. Kennedy's background is also described. Conelly depicts Jack and Bobby as "decent" men who recoiled at the idea of their wealthy father being associated with the mafia. 

Time and again Conelly returns to the JFK assassination.  This is the centre of his argument. He names and implicates all the well known conspirators....the Mafia, the members of the Cuban gang, the CIA,(Dulles Brothers) the U.S. Military, J Edgar Hoover, LBJ, etc.  One glaring omission is CIA director James Jesus Angleton, who was not only the mastermind of the plot, according to some experts, but the link between the CIA and the Mossad. Conelly does not mention the Mossad connection once.  This omission lays his agenda bare. 

Photo from my 50th Anniversary three part series on the JFK Assassination
Why did Conolly leave out Angleton?  James Jesus Angleton (photo above, left) was a senior CIA official who, according to some recent research was connected to the Cuban malcontents (who were angry that JFK had botched their Cuban Invasion) AND the Israeli government (angry at Kennedy's refusal to condone Israel's nuclear weapons program AND his plan to force dual citizen Israel/US government lobbyists to register as foreign agents).  Kennedy had also vowed to get rid of the Federal Reserve.   I believe this omission (of James Jesus Angleton) is a deliberate effort to obscure Israeli/Mossad involvement in the assassination.  

Conelly builds a case that the JFK assassination was planned by a consortium of Oil businessmen/Mafia plus J Edgar Hoover, LBJ  (although Conelly denies that LBJ was the kingpin--as some other theorists have alleged) and some disgruntled government officials (CIA's Harriman, Dulles and Brown) who had been fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs Fiasco.  Conelly mentions but does not stress an involvement by generals in the US military.  He places the blame primarily on the Mafia--and even suggests that the Kennedy's may have brought the tragedy on themselves by being so dependent on the Mafia in the effort to get Kennedy elected president in the first place.  He says the Mafia felt betrayed because the Kennedy's "owed" them for the election....and were not showing enough "tangible" gratitude.

Interesting factoids that I did not know about the JFK assassination.  According to Conelly's version of events:

-  The mortal shot was fired upwards from a street level opening in a storm sewer culvert....Conelly did not give much information on these shooters...except to say they were young men.

-  Officer Tippet was a JFK lookalike and was murdered by G. Gordon Liddy (of later Watergate fame) so his body could be exchanged for JFK's body's on the morgue table--in a macabre body-switch/autopsy.  

- Both RFK and Jacqueline voiced suspicions that the body they later viewed in the coffin back in Washington was NOT JFK's!

- Conelly suggests that the Kennedy family never voiced their doubts about the official assassination story because Joe Sr. (Jack's father) had been involved with the Mafia and they didn't want the Kennedy name dragged into the mud.  I think a more likely scenario is that they knew that if they opened their mouths...they would be next.  Robert (who did directly accuse LBJ in a face-to-face confrontation) was next.  Years later...JFK Jr. was killed (the weekend before he was to announce his candidacy for a NY Senate seat), likely by the same cabal.

Conelly wraps up his lengthy documentary with tie-ins to the 9/11 False Flag atrocity. He submits that the same cabal is still in control today, and that a popular "revolution" is necessary to bring "decent" men back into power.  Conelly provides an Internet address to contact, should anyone want to get involved.  It's implied that this call to activism will use the social media/Internet.  I strongly disagree with the potential for success of this strategy, but more about that in my next post.

In summary, this documentary is simply the latest example of what we used to call in the Watergate era  "a limited hang-out". There's enough new information in the video used as bait to make it "exceptional" and worth the view.  However, just like earlier documentary's, including Oliver Stone`s movie, (which Conelly insists were ALL produced by the CIA), this one definitely has an agenda.  Who's agenda is it promoting?  In my opinion, the clues lie in what it chooses not to include...primarily the glaring omission of James Jesus Angleton....and his connections with the Mossad....or any mention of the enemies that Kennedy had made in Israel--due to his opposition to Israel having nukes, his plan to force dual citizen Israelis to register as foreign lobbyists and his plan to disband the Federal Reserve.

I believe this documentary is yet another attempt to divert scrutiny from and continue the cover-up of the Israeli connection to the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Getting an Irishman with a lovely lilt in his voice to write, produce and narrate it was a stroke of media savvy genius. 


tsisageya said...

Thank you, Greencrow. I was afraid I was just bored with the whole thing. I knew there were things about it I hated.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment tsisageya. This video is a good example of how insidious disinformation can be. There are a few possible "plums" of new information about the JFK assassination sandwiched in between layers of disinformation....all presented by a very cordial waiter.

Unknown said...

Thank you for reminding us about the connection to Israel and Mossad.
When you start looking into it, the whole film i biased. Eg that the Germain Wirtschaftswunder wasnt any wonder, just money from abroad. Here he leaves out, that Germany blocked the international bankster activity. "No workfree earnings" "Halt the slavery of interest" Of course these things made a differense. Thats exactly the same things Saddam Hussein did, Gadaffi and now the whole BRICS, finally bringing the Petro Dollar down.

greencrow said...

Hi Ole:

Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate the details you have added to the Review I wrote about "Rich Men's Tricks". This is a popular post so it must have touched a few nerves.


Balder said...

Thanks so much for this analysis Greencrow - It was just what I needed after initially being very impressed by Francis Richard Connolly film, although I right away noticed the ridiculous belief in the holocaust story, which I took as a way to avoid being branded as a "holocaust denier" by the main stream, thus possible forfeiting the possibility of getting it shown in the cinemas. After finishing watching it and thinking about it and getting over the shock it produced in me, I also found the lack of the obvious Jewish involvement strange. Greencrow did an excellent job at pointing this out and going into detail. It was not easy to find this post by Googling, I spent quite some time doing that that before I came here. It saved me from mindlessly advocating this film to all of my friends and fellow activists. I'll still recommend Francis Richard Connolly's film to others, but not without linking to this post.

Also good to see that my long time friend Ole Blente, himself a serious researcher who recently produced a Norwegian version of the infamous Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove Kalergi writings (Praktischer Idealismus), was here before me. Skål Ole!