Friday, January 30, 2015

Alexa Cooking the Books? Could this also apply to Blogger/Google et al?

Cat and Mouse

A dissident blogger ("The Rebel") is complaining that the stats providing service "Alexa" is cooking the books.

While I don't have an Alexa account....IMO all the blog servers cook the books on stats...that's how they manipulate and control. There's no consistency or logic to the stats I get from Blogger/Google on my blog. It's a game of cat and mouse.

Kenny's sideshow (may he rest in peace) is where I get most of my hits from. A week or so ago I posted an article on Putin. It was right during the Obama SOTU address.  For whatever reason...I'm guessing they didn't want Putin's face on the blogroll during that abysmal SOTU....they delayed putting that particular post up on the blogroll for about 24 hours. It should have gone up immediately.

I guess I should be grateful Blogger (owned by Google) allows me to post what I want. For that privilege...they get to selectively manipulate (minimize and/or maximize) certain stats on my blog. Like I's a game of cat and mouse...and you can guess who's the mouse.


Penny said...

hey greencrow

I have two stat counters- one is the blogger one and the other is from statcounter- my hits via google blogger are double what they are via stat counter- mind you I put stat counter up late

however stat counter is very good when one is having troll issues
(which I have had previously and am presently having!!)

because IP address's are readily available via statcounter it's a good one to have

but yes, the stats can be fudged up always-

I have noticed that time and time again with certain topics

greencrow said...

Thanks very much for this Penny. I will investigate stat counter.