Thursday, December 11, 2014

BBC - Biggest and Best Calumny

UPDATE:  January 2, 2015 - BBC caught lying about young boy who supposedly died at Sandy Hook....they say he died in Pakistan....picture the same in both stories.  You are a Liar, BBC!
UPDATE:  December 22, 2013 - BBC cries poormouth and asks government for more money to fight "Russia Today"....which, together with Chinese making massive inroads into their exclusive propaganda territory!
Every once in a while I get the urge to be Royally lied to.  When the urge builds to a fever pitch...I go to the BBC News and it never lets me down.  There is always a BIG LIE on the front page of its website.  Today was no exception.  Here we have it making excuses for the CIA torture of innocent people.  The Brits think that if they say it in impeccable English with an upper crust British accent...people will fall for it....

Here the BBC spews its verbal diarrhea/vomit all over Russia....everything that is said is the exact opposite to the truth.  They no doubt took a story from the Russia media and just substituted NATO for Russia in all the paragraphs:

The truth is that ever since the West blindsided Putin and Russia during the friendly Russian Winter Olympics--paying $5 billion dollars to back an illegal coup in Ukraine...there has been a non-stop harassment and baiting of the Russian bear.

As humanity turns away en masse from the main$tream media... and seeks out alternative views...we have been turned into virtual "Hanzel and Gretels' ....stumbling through a dark forest...trying to follow a trail of crumbs on the ground to lead us out of the maze of lies, threats and slander.  Fortuitously, the other day...Paul Craig Roberts (amongst others) found a huge crumb of truth....

The above article states an investigation shows that exactly the same people who were behind the 9/11 atrocity...are now behind the build-up to War on Russia.  That supports the commonly held thesis that there are only a few rotten apples in the global barrel....but they're up to a whole lot of "No Good".  Time to reel in these demons!  Get them out of circulation...before we're doomed to re-enact the same tragedy that has been our fate to endure time and time again for thousands of years.

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