Sunday, November 16, 2014

Reflections on my 103rd Post

UPDATE:  November 19, 2014 I have updated my post dated October 30, 2014  to reflect this development.  The US military are planning some electromagnetic warfare drills in Washington State.  They have supposedly warned the First Nations bands who live there...but residents say they have not been contacted.  The drills will affect all living things in the area... by increasing levels of radiation.  Who are the evil ones who make these decisions?
US space suit prototype that didn't fly
 I was going to stop and reflect on the occasion of my 100th post...but life happens and I had some other issues to discuss instead.  This post will look back and forward on the subject of blogging and perhaps some other "tidbits" (as Northerntruthseeker likes to call them).  First of all, the death last September of Kenny of Kenny's sideshow was a real shock and wake-up call for me.  He was there...dependable and logical...then he was gone.  First of all, it motivated me to take my own blog up a notch.  I added the gadget feature of my "recommended blogs" I'd been planning to for several years.  And I have tried to blog on a more regular interval (can't make any promises on that).  I am sure my reader :) is pleased.
Secondly, it made me look around my immediate blogosphere (truthers) and appreciate them more.  I started visiting their websites more frequently...ever since Penny of Pennyforyourthoughts visited mine and left a comment.  I rarely get comments...perhaps people are afraid of commenting on my site--I've never mentioned the possibility of it in my posts before.  I always respond, however, to every comment I get.  I am not too dismayed at no comments...because I like the idea of "flying under the radar".  I don't want to get--and would not abide trolls.  As John Kaminski said recently when interviewed by Morris108  "You don't want to be too successful"...I think he finished that off with"...or you might get killed"...or something similar.  Regarding blog popularity, I know there's a lot of hanky panky going on with stats at Blogger and the other blog services...and at "Alexa"  as Aangirfan complained a few days ago.  We frankly don't have a clue how many hits we get on our sites.  I know if I ever get TOO successful I'll get my own personal troll(s) harassing I do on the CBC forums : )
Blogging is essentially a lonely preoccupation (I won't call it an occupation).  If you blog you have to write...which is a solitary task...and you have to read a lot...another solitary task.  Communication with others is a perk and a stimulation to the whole endeavour.  Being a "truth blogger" means you have to take the risk of believing something (usually a hyped-up media report) or not.  I go by my gut instinct.  My former occupation as a child protection social worker developed in me some unique skills of judgment...I had to make snap decisions of safety...based largely on the veracity of others.  My bullshitometer was thereby honed to a fine point.  But nobody is perfect...I can make mistakes and have made a few in the blogging arena.  Hence the photo of the space suit prototype that didn't fly.  Segueing back to the truth...I've been reading ...Dave McGowan's series of posts on the moon landings  "Wagging the Moondoggie"...I highly recommend this's funny, hard hitting, full of facts and data all at the same time.  I've believed that the Lunar Landings were hoaxes for some time (that old "gut reaction") but never had the ammo (data) to back up my contention publicly.  This series does it in spades. 
Looking forward....some issues I would like to cover are "Canadian federal politics" (what a dog's breakfast that is!).  Also, my trip to Russia this past summer...I was only there for two weeks but there was a lifetime of revelations, that have taken me months to process...and I'm not ready to tackle the subject of Russia yet.  I would also like to focus on the bravery of American truth Paul Craig Roberts.  Telling the truth, in an Empire based on lies, is truly a courageous feat.  Like John Kaminsky (one of the first truth bloggers who had an impact on me) recently said (and I paraphrase)...."Everything we know about the United States is a lie".  I have come to realize that as well....and it is an epic challenge on the scale of "cleansing the Augean Stables" of ancient Greece to deal with it.


timmy said...

I ran a similar blog to yours for about three years, and your comment above, "I always respond, however, to every comment I get." resonated with me. I too had the same philosophy, but one of the (minor) reasons I went into retirement was that the majority of other like minded bloggers whose sites I followed seemed to have inflated egos and were more interested in preaching than holding a dialogue. Maybe it's just the type of personality attracted to "truther" blogging, who knows?

Judging by your comments, you seem to be happy with low feedback levels which is fine. Maybe I was a bit too thin skinned and needed more reassurance to keep going.

Anyway, keep up the good work. You are on my favs list now so even if I don't say much I will be lurking.

greencrow said...

Hi John:

Thanks VERY much for your comment. It is wonderful to know you are "out there" lurking as you say. I do appreciate an don't feel shy to comment again. You do have to have a "thick" skin to blog...especially truther blogging...what is the hardest is when my relatives and friends think my truther POV is "crazy" and extreme. That's one of the things that keep me going...I know the Truther community at least will validate the terrible truths I have to carry around, day after day.



timmy said...

Thanks for the response. I see from your side bar that you have been awake for perhaps five years. If this is the case then my history, having awoken only about ten years ago, is not much different to yours.

You are obviously your own person, but if my experience is typical you will experience a lot of negative feelings following your lonely path. I dealt with this in three ways, and I would recommend this path to anyone who faces similar emotions.

Firstly, I stopped preaching to friends and family. I now just state my opinions once, and let them take it or leave it. This seems to work well, and they have progressed from reactions of amused horror to seeking my view when ridiculous propaganda stories appear in the media.

Secondly, I've withdrawn from the matrix. I cannot say too much on this topic for obvious reasons, but I keep a very low profile with respect to the state, I've paid off all my debts, pay as little tax as possible, and practice self sufficiency right down to making my own washing powder. It's amazing how little money one needs to lead a happy life once one steps off the treadmill, and it's very satisfying to stop feeding the beast.

Finally, compartmentalise the "terrible truths". Enjoy your hobbies and reassure yourself that the new world order, the illuminati, the shape shifting aliens, or whoever your bogyman might be have been plotting for a long time, and you might well be dead before they triumph.

I don't usually post under my google account so I'm a bit shocked to see the awful old passport photo avatar. I'm off now to change it if I can.

greencrow said...

Hi John:

I have been "awake" that term...since April 17, 2002. That was the night when US reserve jet pilots bombed Canadian soldiers at Tarnak Farm outside the military base at Kandahar, Afghanistan.

I believe that incident was no accident and am probably the only person (even of the truthers) who felt strongly about it. It made me realize that the US military (and government) is under the control of a rogue they say...the rest is history.

I don't talk about my views to friends or family either. Your suggestion to get off the matrix is a very good one. As for hobbies...I am an artist (as you can see by my budding arts and crafts that is a wonderful outlet for all sorts of emotions. I agree that the evil ones (as I call them) are indeed shape shifting.



Penny said...

Hi Greencrow and John

hope neither of you mind me jumping in here. yes, blogging is a bit of a lonely pursuit and you do have to read quite a lot of material just to do one decent posting-

regarding always responding to comments left- If one leaves a comment and get's no response, don't take it as ego

Sometimes at my blog, I can't always answer everyone. it's not that I don't want to
I just can't find the time to do s. For me the information has to be paramount- therefore posting is the priority vs responding.

GC- You forgot time to think.

I spend time thinking. I will be thinking about a post, particularly if it's going to be a larger one, in depth, that is. And thinking while I am out walking or riding my bike, thinking about structures, headlines, angles to present- how to present information

Finally resorting to defining words and terms I use on the blog so that I can be as clear and concise as possible

" I go by my gut instinct"

As do I! The more one uses that, the more fine tuned that instinct becomes

As for hanky panky with the blogs, it's going on.

I saw the count on one blog post go down, again, yesterday
Second time now.
I suspect that traffic is being directed away from blog.
Also google and other search engines tailor the search based on your previous searches, so in a way they close the door of the world to many- showing a searcher a limited amount of info.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny and John:

Yes, Penny, I forgot "time to think"...this is crucial. Geostrategic prognostication is related to alchemy....turning lead into gold:

In other words...we take all the lies (lead) and parse them and then wet our fingers and hold them up to get the direction of the wind and then we analyse the two and come up with a proximity or balance...of what the truth is a solitary, time consuming task. Actually, it is not solitary... because ideally we should bounce some of our findings off our peers first.

greencrow said...

I forgot to mention that, IMO, the truth is a huge mosaic....we (humanity) all contribute a chip of light or colour and out of that comes the truth. In that respect...the end result is not solitary at all...if you step back to view.

Penny said...

Hi GC, John too

"In other words...we take all the lies (lead) and parse them and then wet our fingers and hold them up to get the direction of the wind and then we analyse the two and come up with a proximity or balance...of what the truth is a solitary, time consuming task"

Sort of like that. I call it sorting the wheat from the chaff.
Apply critical thinking skills
what makes sense, what doesn't make sense-
watch for logical fallacy usage
look at cui bono

bouncing a thought off someone is good, but, not always possible.
When hubby is around I pick his brain
Usually for myself, I try to think of as many angles as possible to one scenario to see what makes sense/what doesn't etc

Though the end result is not solitary, you are right. Because sharing and reading and spreading the info is definitely a group activity

greencrow said...

Penny says:

"watch for logical fallacy usage
look at cui bono."


Yes. I call this reverse engineering the get at the possible truth.