Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nuclear False Flag in North America?

UPDATE:  November 19, 2014 The US military are planning some electromagnetic warfare drills in Washington State.  They supposedly have warned the First Nations bands who live there...but residents say they have not been contacted.  The drills will affect all living things in the area by increasing levels of radiation.  Who are the evil ones who make these decisions?
Nuclear False Flag - Illustration copied from thetruthseeker

"We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Rixon Stewart, publisher of thetruthseeker has come out with a prediction that another false flag will happen in the near future...likely in the form of a nuclear attack in North America.  Others have made similar predictions.  When I saw the illustration that went with Rixon's struck me that if I went onto the roof of my house, on a clear day my view to the south-east would be quite similar...with Mount Baker in the view.  I have always been worried about that neighbouring region of the Pacific North West, mainly because it contains one of the most dangerous nuclear waste sites in the world, the Hanford nuclear site.

A few decades ago now, I had a very vivid dream concerning a nuclear holocaust.  It started with me looking south-east and seeing a blinding white light and then a mushroom cloud,  The next scene was me in a crowd of humanity fleeing up the winding Barnet Highway....ocean on the one side and mountains on the other....terrified...looking for familiar faces in the crowd...where was my family?  The last scene has me on the beach at English Bay in Kitsilano...I had walked the whole way there...about 60 km.  I was alone and could see the white light coming closer....I was just waiting... for the apocalypse.

So when I saw Rixon's post, it got me thinking about False Flags...why they have become common place, almost inevitable...and what the rationale is (if you can call it that).  The closest I can come to the quote, copied above, often attributed to Carl Rove.  The need of the PTB to create and control the matter what the cost or how psychopathic.

"Creating the reality" can take many forms...False Flags, constant warfare, weather and environmental warfare, technological attacks and biowarfare (Ebola).  In fact, they need to change it up all the time as a form of terror...not knowing what will come next is an essential part of it.  They also mix in a healthy portion of humongous...but supposedly "benign" lies.  Another purpose of serial false flags is to have the capability to "reset" pressing the "reset" button on a video game.  When they get into trouble with their last "created reality" they just hit reset with another false change the game and further distract/confuse the population.

Will there be another false flag soon?  I think the chances are likely.  The geopolitical temperature is rising and no doubt the perps judge tensions need to be released by a "game changing" event.  The goals of false flags are multiple, but they are mainly used to perpetrate atrocities that further their criminal agenda...while taking none of the other words, DeceptionFalse flags are the ultimate act of cowardice in an age of cowardsNo one can be blamed and no one is responsible for the aftermath..."It just happened" or, the perpetrators are all dead..  Anyone who "calls" them on it is ignored, ridiculed and/or threatened.  Of course, as I discussed in my previous post, they control the main$tream they also create and sustain (even in the face of overwhelming forensic evidence otherwise) the "Official Story".

What form will the next False Flag take?  Either nuclear or EMP is what they (Cheney and his neocon friends) are saying.  Where will it happen?  Some are saying North America.  I am inclined to agree with this, because of the relentless push towards North American integration/Union with the US.  In the face of mammoth opposition from Canada, Mexico and even the US itself, there will need to be a "catastrophic or Pearl Harbour event" as the PNAC writers get the wheels moving.

The only light on the horizon is the emergence of Russia as the "leader of the moral world", as Paul Craig Roberts recently asserted.  Any false flag that threatens the health and safety of the planet could provoke a response from Putin.  That should be something the perps need to think about in cautionary they go about their planning.


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