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Killing the Messenger(s) and Drilling the Message

UPDATE:  October 27, 2014 I have updated my Art Page with some photos of scary Hallowe'en Art.
UPDATE:  October 27, 2014 ....I have edited and added more links to the post below as more details of the Ottawa False Flag of October 22, 2014 emerge.  If you read it when it was first published, you might want to skim it again.


Photo of Gary Webb on cover of book about his ordeal after he wrote his Pulitizer Winning Story "Dark Alliance"

There's a new movie out.  I might even go and see it.  I don't watch many movies anymore.  Frankly, it makes me almost nauseous to watch most Hollywood movies... this industry has always been so entangled with the evil ones at the top who have always used "Movies" to promote their fear porn along with all other kinds of porn.

The new movie is called "Kill the Messenger" and is about investigative journalist Gary Webb, who died under suspicious circumstances (two bullets to the brain) after he revealed the CIA's involvement with the Nicaraguan Contra in the South American cocaine drug trade.

Gary Webb on Cocaine Trafficking in the US, the subject of his 1996 award-winning report, "Dark Alliance"

Watch the above video to hear Gary Webb describe how the secret government works through the media to destroy the truth.  It happened in the late 1990's and it's still happening now.

Kill The Messenger - Trailer

While what happened to Gary appeared to be unique and shocking in its has now become humdrum and commonplace.  Witness what happened to journalists Michael Hastings and Hunter S. Thompson, or 9/11 writer and former pilot, Phil MarshallThe people who control the CIA and other similar agencies consider it their prerequisite to assassinate anyone who stands in the way of their nefarious activities.  They scoff at archaic laws granting and supposedly protecting civilized societies' right to free speech.  

Someone once asked blogger James Corbett of why no one ever threatened or targeted him for truth telling on his blog.  As far as I can recall, James replied that there is a significant distinction between what he does--simply report what is already out there on the Web--and what, say, Gary Webb and Michael Hastings did...which was to "investigate" (cultivate whistleblower sources) and then report on the hidden hand and its secret dealings.  If you do the former....the most you can fear from the PTB is harassment from the paid trolls on the Internet.  If you do the should watch your step and, for instance, never fly in small planes.  You should also say it somewhere publicly that you do not contemplate committing suicide anytime soon and, if you are found with a bullet in your brain...someone else did it.

The most recent martyr for the cause of truth was a beautiful young Lebanese woman, who dared tell the truth about the ISIS mayhem currently originating out of Turkey.  "A Lebanese-American reporter working for Iranian channel, Press TV, Serena Shim has been killed in a car crash in Turkey, following her reports of accusations from Turkey’s intelligence agency that she had been “spying.”

Equally as despicable as killing reporters in the front lines, doing their professional duty, is the PTB strategy of "Drilling the Message".  This is a term I have coined to describe the media frenzy that invariably follows a false flag hoax or catastrophic event.  In my opinion, these mass media "drills" are one of the hidden purposes behind most, if not all False Flags.  The main$tream media de rigueur lockstep reaction to the event comprises a "drill" to see what mainstream media outlets are "on message" and what ones may have been "infiltrated with truth moles" and may not be under their control. Those who fail the drill can then be rooted out prior to the next "drill" and certainly before the "Big Event"...which is the game changing False Flag the perps are always working towards. [More about this in my next Post]

Past "drills" took the form of False Flag hoaxes such as Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon killings and, just yesterday, the gladio-style attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa:

 Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper hugging each other after terrorist attack on Parliament Hill

The drills/False Flags/hoaxes usually have more than one purpose.  In addition to the standard test of media fealty, another reason for the long-awaited Ottawa False Flag attack was the upcoming federal (s)election (seeing what MP candidates can be most controlled) and instituting even more repressive legislation on the population.


"Canada to give more powers to security agencies after attack on parliament

The Canadian government will expedite plans to give more powers of detention and surveillance to security agencies in the wake of Wednesday’s attack on parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Thursday. “They need to be much strengthened, and… that work which is already under way will be expedited,” Reuters quoted him as saying in the House of Commons."

After the Ottawa attack, cynical comments sprung up instantaneously on the news forums and blogs. The default is now towards disbelief rather than belief... as "Wolf!" has been cried over and over again by the PTB...only to be torn apart by sharp-eyed Internet sleuths, inconvenient witnesses and the ubiquitous cell phone camera...Drat!

Now that the insane neoconservative, globalist evil ones have largely lost the trust and loyalty of the citizenry of the western countries...their last line of defense is the albiet shrinking main$tream media.  They are in a perpetual and increasingly frantic "State of Siege" to protect their tenuous control over it.  They need to defend it, not only from the Gary Webbs, Michael Hastings and foreign outlets such as RT and PressTV...but from reporters working within the ABCNNBCBSFAUX outlets themselves.  Reporters who may suffer from belated pangs of conscience at their assignment to promulgate continual lies and cover-ups of atrocious criminal acts. They are, no doubt, also wary of news managers, publishers and owners--who watch the steady erosion in readership and viewers... sliding inexorably over to the alternate media (including little blogs such as yours truly : ) for The "Trews", as Russell Brand so inelegantly calls it.

How this will end, is anyone's guess.  The frenzy has to stop at some point....because truth is always going to win out.  Humans are, thankfully, hardwired to seek the truth.  This is why heros like Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, Phil Marshall and Serena Shim will always be guiding lights for humanity.

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