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All War is a War for the Future

NOTE:  I have updated the previous (September 9, 2014) post on the MH17 report as of September 21, 2014

"I want war!"  The Medium is the Message

Way back in the 1970's when I was in my early 20's I used to have a subscription to TIME* magazine.  Every week when it arrived I dropped what I was doing and read it cover to cover.  Even at that tender age, I was a political animal (bird?).  A few months after the Watergate break-in in 1972, TIME did a multi-page spread on the scandal.  I absorbed the information all weekend and when I went back to work on Monday, my mind was still buzzing with what I had read.  One of my work colleagues, a professional man quite a few years older than myself and I used to talk politics once in a while.  That Monday morning I told him that Nixon was going to have to resign as a result of the Watergate scandal.  He was amused.  What did this 20-something Canadian know about Washington politics?  At that time most people still hadn't even heard of the Watergate scandal.

Almost a decade later and a continent apart, this same gentleman called me at my (new) work place and asked if he could take me out for a drink after work.  We met and he told me that he was aware I had moved to the opposite coast and, while he was out on business, decided to look me up and congratulate me personally for having forecast the resignation of the President of the United States at least two years before it happened.  To this day, even I don't know what caused me to reach the conclusion that Nixon would have to resign**.  I put it down to an innate intuition related to the "politics gene" inherited from relatives on both sides of the family.  My great grandfather on my mother's side was the law partner of Sir John A. Macdonald.  My own father told me that his grandfather and my mother's grandfather both met the train (at different stops as they did not know each other) of an infamous Irish patriot Eamon DeValara, who crossed Canada on a fundraising tour during the Irish "troubles" in the early 1900's.  There's a lot of other political lore, but I won't bore readers with it at this time : )

Political "intuition" still guides me today when doing "geopolitical landscape painting".  Something that knocked me off my intuitional feet recently was the interview with Russian analyst Sergei Glaziev...posted earlier this month.  Even with the translational difficulties of watching a video interview given in Russian, I was struck with his point (as I took it anyway) that all wars are fought for the future, in his perspective, the technological future.  But I say it more broadly...all wars are fought for control of the future of that sense, it ties in with our animalistic drive to have our genes dominate into the future...basically the same reason that rams and elk ram their horns together in the fall rutting season...and just as inevitable, IMO.

That being the case, the world is readying itself for another human "rutting season"...with a war between "the west" and Russia, the two big "bulls of the words".  Here is Paul Craig Robert's view of the situation.

Glaziev said the war was about who would control the science of the future, nanotechnology...IMO, this part of the war has already begun in the form of chemtrails.  While I was on vacation in Russia earlier this summer, I was disappointed to see they have chemtrails crisscrossing the skys there as well.  Nanotechnology will fundamentally change humanity in ways that we currently cannot even predict.  I believe, like Glaziev says, the war is going to decide who gets to control that technology.

In the meantime, we are being distracted by all the bells and whistles of the old technology.  For instance, the mainstream media is busy with their role of creating the fog of war...preventing communication that might lead to peaceful negotiations and stirring up "fear and terror".  This is the kindling used to light the flames of war.  The West is determined that "peace will not break out by accident" and so is sabotaging Putin's peace initiatives in the Ukraine.  What worries "the West" more than anything is that they have met their match in Putin...he is well aware of the future stakes being held in the balance.   Sides are lining up...the peons are not allowed to switch sides, even if our "intuition" tells us what side has the most powerful horns.

"The Future", by Leonard Cohen

*re TIME magazine, I have not read that CIA asset propaganda mouthpiece in years.

** I only found out about the "deep state" reasons for the Nixon resignation decades after that...i.e., the E. Howard Hunt connection with the Kennedy assassination.

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