Thursday, June 5, 2014

Self-reflections on my 75th Post

greencrow.... in a contemplative frame of mind
Recently, when I tried to update the template (format) of this blog I found I couldn't access the "update screen".  Don't know what that's all about...perhaps "Blogger" has some new rules I'm unaware of.  I wanted to inform my reader(s) about this blog and how it works.  For instance, when I cover a topic (such as 9/11) in a post, rather than doing a whole bunch of new posts, I will more often than not go back to my original post and do an UPDATE.  So, it might be worth the reader's time every so often to review older posts and check for updates.  Secondly, I wanted to do was comment on my philosophy as a "truth blogger"...what moves me to share my opinions and thoughts with others via the Internet.  Finally, I wanted to provide links to some of my favourite blogs--which I have done at the end of this post.
Throughout human history there has been a timeless debate which has escalated in the past few decades.  The debate can be summed up as "Who Owns the Truth?"  The Bible reports that, during the passion of Jesus, Pontious Pilate asked Jesus "What is truth?"  Interestingly, Jesus never answered him directly.  My theory is truth lies within each and everyone of us as a crucial element of who we are as individuals.  Each one of us has a 'truth detector' within, that needs to be resonated before we will accept anything as "fact".  Conversely, if our interior BS alarm goes off...we will respond by rejecting the "fact".

This debate about truth reached unparalleled heights after the atrocity called 9/11.   After that False Flag event, the traditional mainstream media (and much of the alternative media) not only dropped the ball in investigating and reporting on this event....burdened as they were by their corporatist ties/owners with government/military/industrial ties...but deliberately lied and misled the public.  This systemic and relentless lying led to at least two destructive wars with millions killed or displaced.

Truth blogging is a reaction to the above and comes in many shapes and styles.  Copied below are some examples of truth blogging:

Press TV reports that Mossad responsible for 9/11

Kenny's Sideshow post about the Big Whites

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth series on Cognitive Dissonance

Kenny's sideshow post from Twelfth Bough re 9/11 Nukes Blew Up the Towers

Farage tells the EU where to go....what truth to power looks like

Vince Li is allowed unescorted passes in the community

Morris Herman's analysis of the crisis in the Ukraine and other geopolitical comments

Interview with Joaquin Flores re Putin

You Tube Timelapse of all nuclear explosions between 1945 and 1998

AIPAC Conference Promotional Video - satire

When I first came on the Internet in the late 1900's, the late, great Joe Vialls was creating a template for truth posting in the blogosphere.  To this day, no one can make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end like Joe did--with his shocking break-through exposes of government crimes and corruption.

Joe became and remains my greatest mentor and guru.  Since that time I met one other great blogger "Piglipstick", who became a virtual friend and mentor:

Piglipstick also passed away, a year or so ago.  I will never forget how "the pigster" showed us all a photo of his "black" urine in his toilet...musing how he should probably be seeing a doctor.  A few months later he was dead.  Now that's truth!

Don't know if it's my imagination, but I think the number of "Truth Bloggers" is dwindling.  Could be, natural attrition, like Vialls and Piglipstick, or perhaps the frustration at having, like the "Man of La Mancha",  Don Quixote, to tilt at the Mainstream Media windmill of lies every day.  Or it could be despair at watching the noose of NSA surveillance growing inexorably tighter on the Internet.

Whatever the reason, I believe now, more than ever--in this era of lies, truth blogging is essential.  Truth is a light that can be detected from within and act as a beacon, lighting the way towards groundswells of peace activism and humanism.  It can result in "sea changes" in human history.   I applaud those, like Morris Herman, Kenny's Sideshow, Dahboo77, Mike Rivero, Jeff Rense, Jon Rappoport and others who, each in their own way and style, continue to seek and spread the truth. 



kenny said...

Hey gc! I appreciate the links over and the words of support.

I'm sort of like you in that I have begun to fall back on old posts with a little updating. After years it's kind of hard not to repeat especially when justice is still elusive. Anyway, truth never really gets old or irrelevant, just so often pushed to the side.

greencrow said...

Hi Kenny:

You're welcome. I meant to also put a paragraph in this post about how truthers should (and do) support one another in this difficult role. Sometimes truthers are so wedded to their own truth that they become isolated and disparage other bloggers. Nobody owns the truth, I meant to say. Truth is a living and evolving thing and we all need to keep working at uncovering it.