Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Confessions of a Recovering Sheeple

It makes me blush to think how stupid I was.
I had the pleasure of attending the 9/11 truth meeting held in the Vancouver lower mainland by A&E for 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage a few months ago.  As always, I was impressed by this polite, intelligent and determined 9/11 truth activist.  Architect Richard Gage is the same in person as he is in his videos... one of the few Americans who remind you of the way Americans used to be perceived by the global community....open and honest, confronting one of the hottest and most depressing topics with integrity and courage.
In the video linked above (for some strange reason, YouTube has recently become very fussy about uploading directly from other websites) Richard tackles the question of why so many people (about two thirds of the population) refuse to even consider the evidence...much less maintain an open mind about it.  He correctly (in my experience) identifies the "comfort zone" fear of most people about a concept that, if accepted, would "turn their world upside down".  Having close friends and relatives who have adopted that stance...I can vouch that this is the primary reason.  I could never live like that.  Like the unfortunate 1/3 of the population now dismissed as "conspiracy theorists" I need to examine the evidence...I need to seek out a truth that at least approximates what the forensic investigation has uncovered. 
When I was a sheeple...I felt comfortable on this planet...now I feel alien.  The ease with which most of the population can be deceived and brainwashed to cling in desperation to their ignorance and stupidity... makes me fear there could be two species of humans on the planet and....I'm not in the species that's in charge.  I feel vulnerable and exposed.  Probably the perps know all about this dichotomy and have been using it since the dawn of time to divide and conquer humanity.
Do I wish to relapse into sheepaholism?  Unlike drinking or smoking...there's no turning back.  You can't "unknow" something that you "know"...unless you sink into dementia.  But even if I could become ignorant and stupid again, I wouldn't.  Something at the very core of my being says seeking and confronting the truth...no matter how horrific...is a truer and higher form of existence...and of humanism.  Humans are ordained to be sentient beings...not sheep!

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