Monday, April 7, 2014

Malaysian Airline MH370 story getting murkier by the day

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NOTE:  While I still subscribe to the theory that Philip Wood's cell phone outcall from Diego Garcia could be legitimate...I am no longer recommending Jim Stone's website (unfortunately this is the only website that carries the story) due to the disorganized and flaky nature of his website.  What I think was going on was that Philip was subjected to a "honey pot" sting involving his relatively recent girlfriend Sarah Bajc.  I think she is part of the cabal and lured Philip into taking the plane, etc., etc., etc.  I also think this happened to journalist Michael Hastings (with his new wife) prior to his untimely death.

UPDATE on this story from last post.  Lots more disinformation on the M$M like this:

"...Confirmation that the signals picked up by the Australian navy ship Ocean Shield belong to Flight 370's black boxes could take days, but the discovery offers "a most promising lead" yet..." 


According to alternative news sources here are some possibilities:

Proof that MH370 landed in Diego Garcia:

The Australian "search" vessel Ocean Shield was in Diego Garcia just a week or so ago...stopped there to pick up a "black box"?

Other updates on this story include: Military Leave to Diego Garcia has been abruptly cancelled (it used to be a popular place to take military leave because of its snorkeling and other tropical amenities).

The girlfriend of passenger Philip Wood, Sarah Bajc, has a resume that includes being CEO of some military telecommunications companies, including recently working at one in Israel.

The story is getting as murky as the depths of the Indian Ocean. 

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