Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hanford Nuclear Plant workers speak out!

Hanford Nuclear Plant is located just south of the Canadian/US border in Washington State.  Most people aren't even aware of it's existence.  Hanford was where the first nuclear bombs were made for WWII.  In the making of those bombs, huge amounts of radiation and other toxic materials were manufactured.  When they finally decided to close the plant in the decades after the war, these highly toxic materials were stored underground.  There have been ongoing concerns about the way the materials were stored...close to groundwater and the general clean up of the site.  Basically, it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.  An earthquake or some other event could disturb the materials.

Frankly, Hanford is prima facie evidence of the total uselessness of nuclear energy and/or weaponry.  The risk of self-harm to humanity vastly outweighs any potential energy or military deterrence factors.  It is also evidence, in my opinion, of the stupidity, short sightedness, greed, and downright evil of some so-called human beings.

If the United States wanted to do anything useful with its wealth and technology, very high up on the increasingly lengthy "to do" list would be an intensive and permanent clean up of the Hanford Nuclear site. 

Here is a news report from a Washington State TV station that gives some idea of the laisse faire attitude of the so called "authorities" about the risks posed to humans by this toxic blight on the planet:

In the greencrow's darkest hours...I believe Hanford and other nuclear plants like it have been strategically placed around the planet by the evil Satanists who currently run planet earth.  The plants are there to be used for future blackmail of humanity...or even worse doomsday scenarios.


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