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BREAKING NEWS: Malaysia Blinks First Over MH370

 Shadow of a Bird, by Juan
UPDATE:  October 19, 2014  CEO of airline that flies Boeing jets says that MH370 had its controls taken over and it flew under control until the end:
May 27, 2014 Update -  The various complicit governments, including Malaysia, the US and Australia...admit that the searchers for missing MH370 plane were sent on a wild goose chase to the Indian ocean.  Implicitly, they are admitting there was a massive cover-up...the biggest since the 9/11 atrocityWatch this video by Christopher Green. 
May 2, 2014 - Update - Philip Wood's partner, Sarah Bajc responds to Malaysian release of Report on MH370:
April 16, 2014-  Update on this Post:  This is the definitive theory on what happened to MH370. 
I agree with the theory as expressed in this video.  Until there is any new information...I will leave this topic.

UPDATE:  April 13, 2014 - here are two recent links on the Malaysian missing plane.  One from which is a fictionalized scenario of what MIGHT have happened to the plane (renditioned to Diego Garcia), based on the evidence:
 The other link is a PressTV interview with a high level Iranian pilot who says that the plane cannot be "missing" from a scientific/technological standpoint and some information is being withheld...most likely for political reasons:
UPDATE:  April 11, 2014:  Here is another CNN interview with Sarah Bajc, partner of passenger Philip Wood, who continues to say that the plane was likely "taken" (by a military force she says she does not know).  Sarah appears to be a professional spokesperson more than a grieving relative.  She seems to be "walking on eggshells" in performing the interview task.  I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, for now.
UPDATE April 8, 2014:  Global Research (out of the University of Ottawa, Canada) has an article written by the Malaysian writer mentioned below, Mattias Chang, on it's website.  Chang repeats what he said below and has questions for the world to answer about MH370

Ever since March 8th, 2014, there has been a war of tension between Malaysia and the other countries involved (and conspicuously uninvolved) in the disappearance of MH370.  Tonight, one country finally blinked, and it was Malaysia, where the plane took off from for its destination in Beijing, China.

A highly placed Malaysian source has given an interview to Press TV and here is the link:

UPDATE March 9, 2010...I went to this link and the PressTV report has completely disappeared.  Someone got to them.  It's just a blank now.

Here are a few paragraphs from the interview:
"A high-level Malaysian source has confirmed that missing Flight MH370 must have been hijacked by remote control.
Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained that only a remote-hijacking "fly by wire" scenario can explain the plane's disappearance.

In an exclusive interview with Truth Jihad Radio, Chang – who remains well-connected with the highest political levels in Malaysia – patiently explained why all of the evidence points to a remote hijacking by one of the handful of countries capable of such a technological feat. He expressed annoyance with Western media criticism of the Malaysian government, arguing that it is Western governments, not Malaysia's, that are covering up what they know while the media fails to ask the hard questions.

During our interview on the morning of Friday April 4th (Malaysia time) Matthias Chang told me: "I want to raise a point that has not been much discussed in either the mainstream or alternative media, which is that the technology of autopilot has been in existence for a long time. Since September 11th, more sophisticated systems have been placed in all planes to avoid any hijackings. If there is a hijacking in progress it kicks in and flies to an airport to land safely. The system can be triggered by the pilot himself from the cockpit, or it can be triggered by ground control. And by 'ground control' I mean it can be operated from land, an AWAC plane, or a ship, by an entity that has the capability and technology to fly the plane remotely. That technology is out there."

Chang pointed out that only remote-hijacking can explain the plane's flight path: "This plane is flying for six hours on its own. Who's flying the plane? The entity flying the plane must be those with the technology that's used now to pilot drones. We know drones have been flown in Afghanistan from Florida. We have seen video tapes and news broadcasts about how 'pilots' in Florida are flying planes and drones in Afghanistan as if they are playing computer games."

Chang explained that the Western media's pilot suicide hypothesis "doesn't hold water. If you're a pilot, why turn back, go north to Thailand where there are military exercises going on, and you will know from the radar that other planes are flying, then turn south and fly for six hours? That's ridiculous. Also, most suicides leave notes explaining why. This is another huge question mark. Why this accusation of the pilot, when the facts are inconsistent with suicide?"

Suggesting that the Western countries have been leading the public on a wild goose chase, Chang explained:

"During the past four weeks, we have heard of various countries providing data. Australia said there were two floating objects west of Perth, but when ships were sent they were not found. France, also, said they discovered two objects. When the search planes went, these too couldn't be found. The satellite of Thailand (a US client state) found two objects. It was sea rubbish. This was followed by (US occupied) Japan saying they found objects. But those objects were not MH370s. The British firm Inmarsat, using its calculations, said the plane would have crashed in the area where the objects were located. But subsequently Boeing, doing new calculations projecting faster flight at lower altitude, said the plane could have ended somewhere 1000 miles north of the previously projected location."

Were all of these people ordered to look in all the wrong places – by a military high command that knows perfectly well where the plane is?"


I went on the CBC website first and all the comments for MH370 were closed...I thought something might have developed in this fast moving started to look at my usual alternative news websites...and found this blockbuster report.  Mathias Chang is essentially accusing the US...and its friends...of continuing in the (now traditional) methodology of 9/11 and 7/7...having "military drills" that suddenly "go live".  Apparently there were US military drills going on in the area when the plane disappeared.

Next...we'll see how the US reacts.  Will it be an even bigger distraction?  Or, will they [attack] the messenger?


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