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Greencrow's Belated End of the Year Round up of 2013 Events

Baby Boomers Celebrate....

Happy New Year 2014!!!

I was going to do a post just before the New Year with a round up of significant events of 2013 and issues that I think will be trended into 2014.  Unfortunately, "life" got in the way...with all the typical family celebrations and seasonal chores (putting up decorations and taking them down was a big one for the arts and craftsy greencrow).  I didn't want to do a half-ass job of the post and ended up not doing a post at all.  As Gustave Flaubert said "Perfection is the Enemy of the Good".

So now it is January 8th, 2014 and still no post.  So, what I'm going to do is just post a half-assed post after all and maybe tinker with it a bit later on.  Here are the links that I saved that focus on the issues I wanted to discuss in my "End of the Year" summation:

The first one deals with an issue near and dear to my heart...the futility of voting in a so-called "democratic election".  By now you all know my preference to have another category on the ballot called "none of the above" that allows currently disenchanted (and disenfranchised) voters to register their objection to the slate of candidates as a whole.  Please see my earlier post on this issue for further details.

Voting:  None of the Above

I hate Facebook and is a report that gives me hope for a facebookless and twitterless future:

Facebook collapsing under its own weight

I have written in several earlier posts about the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima.  I subscribe to the theory that this was an "entity created" (I refuse to say "man made" because the perpetrators cannot be "human") event.  It was perpetrated for a number of reasons....not just one.  One of the reasons that could be behind it are the US's insistence to occupy Japan for strategic and economic reasons many years after WWII.  Here is a report that addresses that theory:

Okinawa US Military Base

Here are some more reports about the ongoing Fukushima planetary extinction event.  This should be cause for an unprecedented rallying of international forces but...nary a whimper is heard in the mainstream media (can we all say "Agenda 21?")

Fukushima update:

"The Ocean is Broken"....a seasoned yachtsman reports on his recent voyage across the Pacific

Epidemiologist Dr. Steve Wing discusses the human impacts of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima based on his experience visiting the area

Another Scientist warns about Fukushima radiation- responding to US Navy Sailors' lawsuit

Fukushima steam plume radioactive

Media coverup on Fukushima

Back to the are a few more reports about the shadow Ziofascist corporatist government that controls the American empire and uses its poorly monitored military forces to punish recalcitrant humans all over the world:

US completely infiltrated by Israeli spies

CIA Busy in Russia?

Putin seemed to have been a force for good during 2013...

Putin sings Blueberry Hill

But now I'm questioning the whole Snowden affair and part of that questioning is wondering why Putin is going along and sheltering Snowden...if Snowden is just a cog in another US military/industrial/corporatist media disinformation wheel.


Here's an idea I had not too long ago....Vanunu is a real whistleblower/hero...letting the world know about Israel's nuclear weapons...he was in an Israeli jail for years and now is under "house arrest" in Israel.  Why doesn't the United States offer to exchange the Israeli spy Pollard for Vanunu?  I think if this question were put to the people in authority...the looks on their faces would be priceless...and their attempt to avoid answering the question would be even better...delicious, in fact!

The final topic deals with a Breaking News Update on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Several weeks ago, I started to consider whether something is Smelly about the Snowden Story.

Now I am even more inclined to believe that this was all an elaborate hoax to distract us from whatever it was they want to distract us from....some other disgusting mans' inhumanity to man project, no doubt.

When the Snowden story first broke...I kept asking bloggers with more cachet than myself (just about anyone in the Blogosphere, lol) to ask Snowden and/or Greenwald what their view on 9/11 was.  This is a litmus test question for me.  If the person believes in the "Official Story"...I dismiss them outright.  If they are a gatekeeper...same thing.  As I always say...the only good thing about 9/11 is that it neatly separates the wheat from the chaff as far as truthtellers go.  Why not use it with Snowden? I asked.  Nobody responded... and the question still remains.  The longer it goes unanswered, the less I believe in Snowden.

Here is the latest video on the issue from The Corbett Report.

So to all my reader(s) out's to a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2014! 

My hope for 2014 is:  May humanity crack through the Truth Barrier in 2014!!!

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