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JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary - Greencrow e-mails professional media liars

John F. Kennedy

In this week of the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination, the zionist controlled mainstream media is being inundated with “op eds’ by the “usual suspects” (media puppets) who have yet again been tasked with character assassinating JFK.  They're also attempting to debunk the five decades worth of painstaking research into the assassination done by thousands of independent researchers, in an effort to perpetuate the threadbare and long discredited official myth of a “lone nut assassin.  It's so sickening to watch and read.  So much so, that I can’t stand idly by, and have sent e-mails to the authors of two such pieces of drivel (copied below).  I didn’t bother sending a “letter to the editor” of the mainstream media newspapers--it would never be published.  I get more satisfaction, frankly, e-mailing the author’s directly--and causing them a few moments of unsettling ponderation.... as they realize that someone, at least, is onto their diabolical  lies.

Here are my e-mails:

November 17, 2013

If Oswald was just a lone nut assassin....why was a file discovered years later that had been opened by CIA director James Jesus Angleton a few months before the assassination?

The CIA maintains to this day that it had no relationship with Oswald.  But in fact the  CIA had opened a file on him:

...a file some researchers have called “the smoking file” that was kept secret from the Warren Commission and, even today, is heavily redacted.

One of the questions now being tackled by the thousands of independent researchers who have, over the previous five decades, unraveled most of the cover-up surrounding the assassination of JFK-- is the role of the mainstream media in perpetuating the lies and cover-up.  The lies have to end, Mr. Marsden.


November 17, 2013

In your recent Op Ed, you had a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the efforts to shed light on this infamous unsolved murder of an innocent man.  In fact, on all the many murders that have been predicated on continuing the cover-up of this one unsolved murder.  Instead, in your op ed you do not even have the grace to acknowledge the astounding Senator Frank Church congressional committee finding in 1978 that more than one person fired the shots that murdered this man.  In the past five decades, in the gaping vacuum left by the so called law enforcement agencies, countless private investigators and researchers have painstakingly pieced together what happened that day.  Fifty years later, thanks to their hard work...we now know who did it--and who covered it up.

The nightmare is almost thanks to the mainstream media, such as yourself, who to this day, rather than seek the truth, can only tear off the scab and rub salt into the wound with your drivel about "ambiguous legacy" if Kennedy CHOSE to cut his career short before he could accomplish his goals.  The days of snide inuendos and oblique character assassinations are over, Mr. Potter.  The legacy of John F. Kennedy is unambiguous and crystal clear.  He was the last president of the United States who did not have to continue the sick cover-up of a coup d'etat.  He died trying to end the build up of arms in Vietnam--the first phase of what ended up becoming a "perpetual war"; trying to end the Federal Reserve...which has further wrecked the American Economy; and trying to prevent Israel from getting the bomb...which event continues to lead to untold misery in the Middle East.

His legacy is a clear and shining beacon for future generations to his short days in office, JFK identified and named all the evils which have since led the United States to the brink of military, economic and moral ruin.  The thousands of researchers into the abomination of his death are yet another legacy of his life.  It is only by cleansing the United States of the evil stench of his murder that it can be salvaged as a force for good on this planet.

Here are some JFK links that might guide you towards a more considered use of your journalistic skills:

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