Friday, October 4, 2013

Propaganda - the movie

This movie "Propaganda" has won some awards.  It presents itself as a North Korean documentary about western propaganda.  In fact, it was made by an Australian filmmaker... who wanted to look at western propaganda through the lense of an "outsider", and chose North Korea for that purpose.

While at times this movie is hard to watch (like staring into the sun) it does force the viewer to re-examine many of the propaganda myths of our society.  The film maker has said the message to the viewer is "question everything".  While this is also greencrow's philosophy, it can become become a bit tiring having to constantly question everything.  Sometimes you just want to have a little bit of old-fashioned "faith". 

In this post Internet society, we have become used to the "Big Shock" of finding out that everything is a lie. 9/11 is the penultimate example, but there are many, many more.  Nowadays, we yearn for the time when we could believe what people in positions of power told us.  Or, at least, when lies were told the liars would be identified and punished....through effective oversight and justice.

I think society is very ripe and vulnerable to having someone come along (like Vladimir Putin did a few weeks ago) and tell the truth...i.e., what everyone else is thinking.  I think if someone in a position of power came along and did that consistently, humanity would be like putty in his/her hands.  Kinda scary.

I do recommend this video...but viewers should be aware that even this film is not what it claims to be (a North Korean view of western propaganda)...but isn't that, after all, the message?  (Question everything).


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