Friday, September 27, 2013

Top Ten Things Obama can do with the money he Earmarked for Syrian War

Greencrow likes lists.  Lists are short, neat, and you can prioritize.  Here's a list, in descending order to the most important...of things Obama can do with all the money (trillion$?) America has "saved" by not entering into another pre-emptive war on Syria (Putin thankfully scared him out of the idea).

10.  Clean up that huge morass of plastic that is growing and swirling around in the Pacific Ocean;

9.  Find out what is killing the Monarch Butterflies and prevent their extinction, ditto bees, birds and many other endangered species;

8.  Balance the US budget, so the world is not eternally threatened by US "economic/resource wars";

7.  Find out what happened to the world's stocks of Gold, start locating and counting it.  Let Germany "see" the gold it is suppose to be storing "for safekeeping" in America;

6.  Institute a national program of infrastructure restoration in the USA.  Fix all the bridges, roads, sewage systems, etc.  Employ Americans and get them off foodstamps!

5.  Put money into research into the causes of cancer and alzheimers (and other chronic diseases)...and then institute national preventative strategies!

4.  Move the United Nations out of the US.  Put it on a dedicated island in the Pacific or elsewhere that would be international property belonging to all humanity.  This would prevent US harassment (and possible poisoning with radiation, etc. (see Hugo Chavez) of world leaders who come to the US attempting to represent their countries at the United Nations;

3.  Rebuild and restore Palestine, tear down the cement walls, rebuild the Palestinian homes and replant the olive trees.  Pressure Israel to find a solution to end the apartheid.

2.  End worldwide hunger...and not through GMO's.  Bring back local, small time farmers and organic farming with ancient seeds. 

And....the Number One thing that Obama can do with all the money he has saved by not going to war with Syria, and Iran, and Somalia and Kenya and any one of a number of future resource war targets....

1.  Clean up Fu*kUshima!!!

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