Friday, September 13, 2013

Russia has already shot down US ballistic missiles headed for Syria???

Obomba - thanks to for this illustration

aangirfan is posting some shocking "Deep State" activity this morning:

aangirfan is saying that the so-called "military exercises" carried out between the US and Israel last week were actually two ballistic missiles fired from the direction of Spain...heading towards Damascus, Syria...that were shot down in the Mediterranean by the Russians.

"...On 3 September 2013, the USA fired two missiles, allegedly 'in the direction of Damascus'

If there is any truth to this...then it should make the hair on the back of your neck stand right up.  It would mean that Obama is very much more of a loose cannon (puppet) than formerly known....and Putin is acting in immense restraint and coolness...keeping the entire world from spiralling into an "extinction event".

ON FURTHER THOUGHT....IF the ballistic missiles fired on September 3, 2013 had hit their mark in Damascus...would we have remembered 9/11 this year?  Would the Truth Movement have made such headway towards bringing the perps to justice?  No!  Truth seekers learned long ago that you always have to "reverse engineer" these events... to find the perps and the motivations!


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