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None of the Above - The Canadian Democratic Choice We Should Have

UPDATE:  November 6, 2012...celebrity comedian Russell Brand has recently endorsed my view of not voting...instead spoiling our ballots.  Please read his recent op ed column published in The guardian for this discussion.  This project has legs!
A Modest Proposal - greencrow re-designs the Canadian Federal Ballot

greencrow has not Voted in any Canadian Federal Election since 2001.  In the two federal elections held subsequent to 9/11.... I have  deliberately spoiled my ballots....writing "Investigate 9/11" on them instead.
I will not vote for warmongers.  Nor will I have anything to do with them or those who collude with them.  When Canada went to war on Afghanistan after 9/11...on the basis of lies...all the political parties joined in lockstep to support the decision, in spite of numerous polls showing most Canadians were against the war.  Even the New Democratic Party, which is historically anti-war, supported Canada going to war as a member of NATO.  In both subsequent Federal Elections, all the parties tacitly agreed NOT to debate Canada's involvement in the war on the election trail.  Consequently, war was not raised as an issue at all.
I have effectively lost my democratic franchise.  While losing my vote is in no way comparable to the losses that the Afghanis (New Yorkers, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Libyans and Syrians, etc.) have suffered over the past 12 years, it is one of the most fundamental losses a citizen can suffer.  I don't see myself voting in any future federal election either.  Canada is still involved in Afghanistan and recently Harper spoke in support of a Syrian attack...although mercifully PM Harper said Canada would not join the military effort.
Prior to 9/11, not only was I a regular voter (and volunteer election scrutineer) ...but during the 1980's and 1990's...I was a member of the constituency committee of our local Member of Parliament...contributed financially to the party...and even testified in Ottawa before the Senate Committee on Constitutional Affairs in opposition to the ill-fated Meech Lake Accord.
But, as Jimmy Carter recently commented about the U.S.A.... Canada no longer has a functional democracy.  During the past decade and a half, all Canadian governmental institutions, (both federal and provincial), plus education, the judiciary and the media, have been infiltrated and are in the clutches of cabalists.  The problem is much more pervasive than our electoral system.   People at the highest levels of control do not respect citizens or democracy.  Their agenda is a totalitarian world-wide corpocracy.  Ensuring the irrelevancy of our national elections is just one small step in that process.
One frustration with the electoral status quo is that it could all be remedied so easily.  All that needs to happen is the Canadian federal ballot (and provincial ballot) needs to be changed to add one more choice...."None of the Above".  If voters were given this option, it could lead to the immediate return of democracy, due to the following outcomes:
1.  Canadians would gain the power to vote "no confidence" in all of the candidates and immediately force another election...during which debates and platforms would need to more accurately reflect the real issues and concerns of the electorate.  No longer would we be held hostage for four+ years, while politicians dragged us unwillingly down economic blind alleys and into criminal and destructive wars.
2.  Candidates would be obligated to make... and then follow through on... their election promises...or face "non-confidence"...no more under the table deals.  IMO, all it would take would be one "non confidence" election result and politicians would "get the message".  Currently, the system is so corrupt that politicians feel they don't even have to present an outline of their intentions to the voter...much less follow through on a platform after an election.
3.  Voter turn out would be higher than ever.  Dis-engaged and/or alienated voters would know their vote would count--even when none of the candidates meet their criteria.  They would still have an important, meaningful choice--non confidence in all the options!  Importantly, even when candidates win elections, voter tallies would be published of all the disenchanted voters amongst the citizenry.  CANADA, HAS FOR TOO LONG, DENIED POLITICAL POWER TO CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS TO THE CURRENT POLITICAL COLLUSION BETWEEN THE PARTIES!
4.  If there was a result of "non confidence" in a federal election...it could trigger an inquiry into why the electorate was so discouraged about their democratic choices.  Adjustments and reforms would follow.  It would be a cleansing of the system.  Politicians would be motivated to change...because nobody would want to go through another grueling campaign immediately after an election. 
5.  Policies and programs would become more regionally focused.  Candidates would not cravenly tow the party line because if their promises/platforms are not meaningful to their constituents...they could find themselves SOL. 
I understand "None of the Above" is already an option on the ballot in some countries.  Canada would not be the first.  Putting "None of the Above" on the Canadian federal ballot is going to be one of the greencrow's projects for the foreseeable future.  Hopefully, a debate can be started--before the number of non-voters outstrips voters in CanadaWith the number of eligible voters exercising their franchise dropping dramatically in each of the past few elections--this is not long in the offing.
So, reader, if you agree with the idea of having "None of the Above" on the federal ballot.  Speak out about it.  Talk it over with your friends and family.  Write to your Member of Parliament.  Discuss it on the Internet.  One of the reasons I know it is a good idea is that it scares the daylights out of the PTB!  The establishment has a conniption fit if you even mention it...try it for fun!

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