Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/11 -- "Even if I knew it was true, I wouldn't believe it."

9/11 Poster - by greencrow

Up until very recently, the headline to this post was the mantra of a majority of North Americans when confronted with the horror that the US federal government could be part and parcel of a murderous cabal that killed 3000+ innocent people on the morning of September 11, 2001--12 years ago this coming Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

I became what is now known as a "Truther" in early 2002.  Prior to then, the idea that the "official story" was anything other than fact never crossed my mind.  What set me on a painful journey towards ultimate acceptance that 9/11 was an inside job was a now obscure event in the long history of US aggression.

The Tarnak Farm Incident occurred the night of April 16th, 17th, 2002. That evening, in Ottawa, Canada, the United States ambassador was hosting high Canadian government officials at the US embassy.  Glasses were raised, toasting and honouring the "close friendship" between Canada and its US neighbour.

Meanwhile....over in Afghanistan, a contingent of Canadian soldiers was doing nighttime live fire exercises at an abandoned farmhouse, Tarnak Farm, located under restricted airspace just outside the Kandahar Airstrip and Military Base.  Suddenly, and without warning, two US F-16 jets, flying wildly off their scheduled course, swooped down and bombed the Canadian soldiers, killing four and wounding many more.  The US has always insisted that it was an "accident".

That was the end of my innocence.   The moment I heard what had happened in Afghanistan, it was as if scales fell off my eyes...I instinctively "knew" the bombing was not an "accident" but a deliberate slap at Canada.  It was the military equivalent of what Americans colloquially call "bitch slapping"--when a pimp slaps around a prostitute to keep her under his control, in order to let  her know who's the boss.  In my opinion, that's exactly what President George W. Bush did to Prime Minister Jean Chretien.  Chretien had a reputation of being somewhat of an outspoken renegade, a "Canada-firster".  Canadian participation in the Afghanistan war was not a nationally popular political decision.

I was so angry at the so-called "friendly fire" killing of Canadian soldiers...I wanted to tell  Americans how I felt.  That night for the first time, I went on the New York Times news forums, found the "Afghanistan" thread and told the forum exactly how devastated and angry I was.  To my surprise, many Americans on the forum either agreed with me or were at least sympathetic.  I ended posting regularly on the NYT Afghanistan forum for several years after that. I chose the identity of greencrow because two of my best friends on the forum were yellowcrow and redomercrow.  Greencrow was my effort to create "a murder of crows".    I still miss our hearty debates and running commentaries on the news.  The NYT used to allow posters to have "taglines" below their names.  My first tagline was "You're cleared, self defense." because that's what the US "ground control" told the "air reserve" F-16 pilots, seconds after they dropped their bombs on the Canadians.

The Tarnak Farm killings made me cynical about the United States' political and military/industrial complex.  I would not put any Machiavellian scheme past them and began reviewing recent history...particularly about 9/11--the event that got Canada into the war on Afghanistan.  Looking with new eyes, I visited a few 9/11 truth websites that were just beginning to appear on the Internet. 

What convinced me that 9/11 was an inside job was when I saw the video of the collapse of Building 7, the Salomon Building...a 47 story skyscraper that also collapsed on 9/11....in the early afternoon.  It fell at free fall speed, neatly into its footprint, just like a controlled demolition.  According to a very recent poll...only 19% of Americans even know about Building 7.

Once I recovered from the shock of realization that 3000+ innocent people were brutally murdered in broad daylight in the largest city in North America, I began to share this information with friends and family.  Well, if I thought that the initial shock was bad...the secondary shock of realizing that nobody wanted to hear or know about this heinous atrocity was far worse.  It sent me in to a tailspin of depression, despair, and then anger.  Arguments ensued with friends and family until I finally gave up.  I realized that if I kept up "telling the truth" then I could become an additional victim of 9/11....by losing relationships with friends and loved ones.

Participation on news forums became the only outlet for my grief and anger.  At first, "conspiracy theorists" were a reviled minority on the forums... shouted down and ridiculed.  Slowly, over the ensuing years, our strength, confidence and numbers grew...to the point where today, there are no more forums that actively argue whether 9/11 was an inside job or not...we have won all the debates.  The cabalists do not dare debate with us anymore.

Of course there are blogs, forums and websites where the cabalists get together and revel in their bloody wars and schemes...I don't go on them.  There are also some websites totally devoted to extolling the "shock and awe" of the US military might (always against tiny, third world countries) ...with jingoistic fervor.  I have surfed over and around these sites on the Internet.  But largely we truthers and the cabalists are now firmly divided into two separate camps.

As we come to the 12th anniversary of 9/11--I am amazed and encouraged at how far the Truth Movement has come.  It is no longer an embarrassment (like the proverbial fart in an elevator) to admit that I am a 9/11 Truther.  Could it be that we have reached a tipping point?  Could it be that with the Syria debacle, Obama has pushed the American public over the edge of credibility so they, like me, doubt everything in recent American History?  We can only hope!

Because, as I have been saying for over ten years now...

If we don't bring the 9/11 perpetrators to justice...and soon....they will go on murdering...and their crimes will escalate!

Could it be we will be seeing shortly on the mainstream media news, the arrests of such perps as:

George H. and George W. Bush - in thick with patsy Osama bin Laden (deceased in December, 2001) and the Carlyle Group.  BTW, George Sr. was also instrumental in the JFK assassination.
Bill Clinton (9/11 was planned during his tenure in the presidency)
Donald Rumsfeld - "lost" upwards of 3 trillion dollars from the Pentagon budget the day before the attack - (Black Ops budget?)
Dick Cheney - The actual "mastermind" who ran the attacks from his "bunker" in Virginia.
General Richard Myer - General in charge of the US military who ran the military/NORAD "stand down" on 9/11
"Lucky" Larry Silverstein - conveniently bought and insured the buildings...making a $killing
Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli Prime Minister who admitted on the day of the attacks that the attacks were "good for Israel".  There is clear evidence of Mossad involvement in 9/11.
Michael Chertoff - "security" mastermind and owner of some companies contracted to enable the drone attacks on the WTC buildings
Jerome Hauer - another "security" honcho who, immediately after the attacks, went on all the news and talk shows shilling the official version.
All the signatories of the "PNAC" (Program for a New American Century) manifesto--which declared that a "New Pearl Harbour" was needed to galvanize Americans--and many other suspects.

NIST Whistleblower Kevin Ryan has come out with a new book about 9/11 titled:

Another Nineteen

that lists 19 other actors in the 9/11 saga who are more implicated by hard evidence than the conveniently departed hijackers.

...and, if the above-noted are ever arrested and brought to justice...I hope that the trial of GWB will include evidence about his cowardly, slimy attack on the Canadian soldiers at Tarnak Farm in 2002.

I am going to post a few of my favourite links about 9/11 here.  Events are moving so quickly these days...just in the past few hours...I have saved some new and very important links!


Some good 9/11 websites are:

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The Corbett Report
Re-Think 9-11
9-11 Press for Truth
Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth


James Laffrey said...

Reading your top articles, especially this on 9/11, it looks as though you are Anti-Americans.

If so, you have another level of Truth to learn. After which, you will stop with the American-bashing and will focus on the enemy race who controls the U.S.A. -- and Canada, England, Germany, France, Australia, Norway, etc.

What race is Larry Silverstein, Michael Chertoff, and various other criminals you named? What race are the owners of international finance? What race are the owners of all of the lying big media, including Hollywood?

If you know all of this already and have a legit reason to not name the enemy while living in Canada, I apologize for my tone.

James Laffrey

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks so much for posting a comment on my Blog...you are one of the very few so far. I am new at blogging.

Regarding my being "anti-American", while I am aware there is a cabalistic element to the perpetrators of 9/11, (which is why I refer to them as a "cabal"--look up the linguistic origin of that word) there are also a lot of perpetrators of other ethnic origins.

I am not American-bashing--go back and read what happened when I first went on the NYT forums...I was greeted with warmth, understanding and sympathy...I stayed on the forum for several years until I was "purged" from posting on all NYT forums during one of their crack-downs on 9/11 truthers.

Yes, I know that the same cabal that did 9/11 also controls Canada.

Thanks again for your comment.