Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Engagement Announcement - Daisy and Max!

Not all news has been bad lately.  Greencrow is very happy to announce the formal engagement of our two Papillon dogs:
Daisy Mae
The ceremony will not be taking place until after September, as Daisy wants to get her figure back.  Daisy is currently expecting the couple's quadruplets, due in early September.  Here is an X-ray of the expected delights taken today.  If you look closely, you can see four little skulls and spines:
Expectant mom Daisy is doing just fine.... but Max is having a difficult time adjusting to the responsibility of fatherhood.  He was overheard recently muttering..."But I'm the human equivalent of only 10 years old!  I'm not ready to be a dad!"
No worries, however, "Uncle Joey", our 6 year old maltipoo, seen here between the couple, is stepping up to the plate... and has offered to help Daisy with the whelps. 
Daisy, Joey and Max
Best wishes to the young couple in the exciting days ahead...and stay tuned to this blog for further developments in this story!

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