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Breaking news: New Information on Diana's Death

UPDATE:  August 31, 2013 - The Daily Mail has some tantalizing updates to this story:
I still don't believe the new investigation will go anywhere...however.  It would rock the world of too many people....How does the old saying go?
"Even if I found out it was true....I still wouldn't believe it."
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The Sky News is reporting today that new information has been received regarding the death of Diana and her partner Dodi Fayed and their driver in Paris in 1997.

Here is a more detailed report in The Mirror:

The greencrow has never accepted the official version of what happened to Diana, believing instead it was an all too typical take down of a public personality who veered from the path (rut?) carved out for them by the PTB. 

I note in the comments to the last link a lot of people think the driver, Henri Paul, was drunk at the time.  During the Inquest there was a lot of credible evidence submitted that the blood sample tested was not Paul's.  The prosecution could not come up with a rebuttal to evidence that the DNA in the sample did not match with Paul's.

Here is a very interesting comment to The Mirror report:

11:56 PM on 17/8/2013

"She was about to expose the British military selling Israel clusterbombs, and was gaining support all over the world and then...."

I followed the Inquest daily on the Internet when it took place...and was amazed at all the evidence pointing to murder.  In the end, the jury came up with the most incriminating choice they were allowed:  "Unlawful Killing".

As documented in this film, funded by Dodi Fayed's father, billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed .

Clearly, there was more to the event than has been covered by the mainstream media.

While I eagerly await further news coming out on this, on further consideration, I am not hopeful anything will change.  Diana's assassination was just one small event in an ongoing immense struggle between two elite factions vying for global control...the current controlling  malfeasors, responsible for all the recent false flags and wars...and another group... watching from the sidelines that is slightly more moral...(as in "Hope springs eternal..."?) but also eager to get a piece of the action.   I don't believe either side would see a benefit in the truth about Diana getting out.

Journalist and blogger Benjamin Fulford has long predicted that the Queen will abdicate...perhaps this "new information" could prompt her to abdicate in favour of William (Diana's son), not Charles...this would be a good thing. The rot, however, goes right through the British establishment, so don't hold your breath on this one.


Update:  Since the initial break of this story, the Internet has been flooded with further reports.  None is more informative or telling than this report from thetruthseeker:

One of the links in this story is to an affidavit signed by former MI6 officer Tomlinson.  This affidavit contains such detailed information and clues that the fact it was totally ignored by the Inquest is, in and of itself, incriminating.

Lots of heads could and should roll over this...but, as I said before, don't hold your breath...even though the evidence is "breathtaking".


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