Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is It Over Yet? Olympic Roundup

The Cypress Mountain ski competitions FUBAR continues apace. I don't think many Vancouverites even knew some events were going to take place at this low elevation venue. If we had, we certainly would have spoken out about the risk involved. They trucked in hundreds of thousands of tons of snow from Manning Park in the Interior.... and then it melted in torrential rain. What's left is threatened by a weather forecast for the next few days predicting hotter than normal weather.

So far, the temperatures have been the hottest in 120 years of record keeping. HAARP! Who goes there? So many years to prepare for contingencies and to avoid obvious risk factors and so little to show for it. On a positive note, the television coverage of the actual sporting events is good. The young people and children seem very caught up in the excitement and hey, isn't that what it's all about? Too bad the pinstripe suits in the halls of power don't see it that way.

We're planning to take the Skytrain downtown on the weekend and have a look/see. I'll take some photos with my Blackberry and see if I can upload a few. Got to get into some of the bells and whistles to spice up this Blog. : )


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